It's the fourth day,

Ten twenty-nine

And all my achievements

Are left behind

It's great enough,

I can't complain

Watching all my anger

Go down the drain

I contemplate

Just what to do,

I'm just waiting now,

Until I"m with you

Cause' Tomorrow Now,

I'll be wrapped in Heaven's arms

All the pain of the world lost,

I'm so far away from harm.

Nothing bad can happen,

When I'm in your arms,

My angel fallen to me,

Like reaching out to the stars..

No one can tell us apart,

They've got no clue of how deep

My heart is drawn into you,

Of how you live in my sleep.

It's not that I"m scared,

They just don't understand, love

How we're both on the same hand,

And inside the same glove.

And they can't comprehend

Such adoration as this,

A smile, a taste

Your prescence it'sself is bliss.

And this time tomorrow,

I'll be in Heaven's arms;

And sadness is so foreign,

I know nothing of harm.

The whole world goes away,

When I'm wrapped in your arms-

And the pain fades away,

I won't succumb to the harm..

Though no man can hear my words,

I know that you can..

Though no paper can hold me,

You cradle my hands;

Like a child to warmth,

I've drawn into you, dear

In your godliness, Angel

You hold me so near.

Let go not of that

Which caused so many harm,

I've found solstice forever

In my dear Heaven's arms.