Chapter 18

"A pleasant morning, ladies and gentlemen, kindly fasten your seatbelts; we are nearing our destination soon. Thank you." The flight attendant in her cheery flight attendant voice repeated the instruction. Where am I?

"Were back in London, Halia, everything will be explained properly now," Maria told me gently. I leaned my head back at my seat. I noted that I was sandwiched between Maria and Celes, Sebastian sat across the aisle.

"This is really happening, isn't it?" I asked no one in particular.

"It is. I hope with time you learn to forgive us. It's hard to have a life stripped from you." Celes answered.

I sniggered, "It isn't just hard." The flight attendant brought us our meal and coffee. We ate in silence.

"I dreamt, are my dreams -?" I began.

"About the past?" Celes finished for me. I nodded. They did seem like I was remembering things. "Yes, you're memories before you entered earth, before you slept."

"Then that means that I too have -"

"Wings. Yes, you do. And if you're wondering why you haven't felt them all your human life is that you didn't have the capacity to control them yet. To hide them, but now that you're awakened you can."

"I'm assuming that you are able to finish my sentences because you've asked the same questions before?" I asked.

"No, Celes' gift is an understanding of the mind. She can read minds among other things," Maria inferred amused.

"I see, then I too will have these.. gifts?"

"Yes," Celes nodded.

"Then I assume were now going to-?"

"Heaven?" Maria whispered a bit sorrowful. I nodded.

Celes shook her head, "Not yet, there are things that are left undone here on earth that we have to accomplish. Things will be explained properly soon, Halia."

I looked at the clouds out the window. London's skyline loomed closer. It seemed just as strange place as Florence was a month ago. Florence seemed like a bad dream now. I whispered a prayer for Andrei. I hoped he got my note, that he forgives me.

"You and Andrei were never meant to be. It's forbidden among us, you know that," Celes said, breaking into my thoughts. There was a hint of sorrow in her voice as she said this. I settled back into my seat. Sebastian caught my eye and smiled, I smiled.

I nodded, "I do." I honestly did. I knew it was forbidden…somehow I just knew.

Final Word

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