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Chapter 3

"Despite what I read, kind sir, I am not some college freshmen." I replied, "I assure you that I can take care of myself, besides I think I have taken enough of your time."

"Time is all I have at the moment." He replied as he helped me with my coat.

I turned to face him that was definitely a bad idea. I should have just sped out, but what is done is done. His eyes, they were definitely something different, they were amazing enough that I soon discovered myself walking down Brook Avenue with this stranger.

My apartment was merely a short distance away. He had slow easy strides. He looked better under the moonlight than in the warm atmosphere of the café. He moved with precision, like it was plain daylight. Despite what I said earlier, I really did like someone to walk me home. Brook Avenue is pretty dark with lots of alley ways, you cannot help but be cautious.

We talked during that short distance. I knew I might never see him again after all it might just have been a good conversation. I found myself a little saddened by this; it was strange so quick have I been drawn to this stranger. Another block ad I'd reach my apartment, I found myself deliberately slowing my pace. I don't think he noticed it, we continued to talk and he slowed his pace as well. But that distance cannot change, we were soon at my door.

I turned to face him, the light from my neighbor's porch catching his features so delicately. I smiled, "Thank you for the wonderful and entertaining afternoon, and for walking me home."

"It was my pleasure." I smiled back very conscious that there was merely a step in between us. I was completely in level with his eyes. I smiled; he doesn't really have to go, does he?

"Would like to come inside?" I offered, least I could do for the coffee, right? "I know it isn't a medieval palace in Wales and we wouldn't be dining oh so extravagantly, but I think I have an extra TV dinner in the freezer. I think I got a King Arthur DVD in there somewhere, do a little critiquing?" I smiled sheepishly. Maybe inviting him in was not such a good idea after all. I am not good with guests.

I waited for his reply and for a second there, I thought I saw a hint of hesitation in his eyes, something he never did the entire time we talked. He smiled kindly at me, "Perhaps next time, I have places to be at the moment. Have a good night." He took my hand and kissed it, I was sure I looked exactly like a tomato. He nodded and started down the alley.

A walked in my apartment, it was tidy, unusually so. I had one of my clean-up moments early that morning. I still had a stupid grin on my face, as I walked into the kitchen and popped in my TV dinner. In all this, I was in a trance remembering his eyes, they were beautiful. He was beautiful, stunningly so.

I sighed to myself, thinking about the next time we meet. "Wait a minute," I voiced into my empty kitchen. "What was his name again?"

I sat down, going over and over that entire afternoon; he did say his name, right? I did give him my name, right? Why can't I remember? Then a very sad realization dawned on me, no. I didn't get his name, he didn't get mine.

I dragged my dinner out of the microwave and sat in silence as I consumed it. I tried to memorize how he looked, spoke, moved. So that I would not forget, maybe somehow there would be a next time. I pray there will be.

I went to bed that night. I had a job the next day. Little did I know that Fate already took me in her arms and had a few things in mind.