Riches To Rags… And Back Again

Characters (In order of Appearance):

Room service men and women
Desk Clerk

Act One

(Opening credits scroll, playing "If I were A Rich girl". Background is whatever I decide to make it when it's being edited.)

Scene 1

(Scene opens in a hotel room. Melissa is sitting on the couch, in her pajamas while room service men are bringing her food and serving her. A newspaper is handed to her and she opens right to her favorite gossip columnist.)

Melissa: (talking into the newspaper) Oh my God Get out! Nick and Jessica are getting back together… like no way, I thought they were for sure done.

Maid: Good morning, Melissa. (Glances at front page which Melissa is not paying any attention to) OMG MELISSA YOU'RE POOR!

Melissa: I'm what?

Maid: Look! (Closes the newspaper on her gossip column and points her to the front page)

Melissa: Oh my god I'm poor! (Runs out of the room screaming to the lobby)

Desk Clerk: Good morning Melissa, how are you doing this morning?

Melissa: BESIDES THE FACT OF ME BEING POOR? I'm great thank you, how are you?

Desk Clerk: What's this nonsense about you being poor? (Melissa picks up the newspaper off a nearby table she shows the desk clerk the front page) Well, well… I guess I don't have to take orders from you anymore. (Walks off laughing and singing "What a Wonderful World" to himself)

Scene 2

(Scene changes to moving people carrying off Melissa's personal items. Melissa is running around trying to take things from the movers but they are reluctant to give anything back)

Melissa: Maybe I should go up to my room to get my things back before they take any more of my stuff. (She walks past the desk clerk as she says this)

Desk Clerk: (Stops Melissa from going upstairs) That isn't you're room anymore… You don't have anything anymore… The bank repossessed everything you own to pay back your fathers debt. (Walks away and starts whistling, "It's a wonderful world")

Melissa: (crying) B-b-but I don't have anywhere to stay… (Gets on her cell phone and starts calling friends.) Hey, Susie!(pause) Yeah did you hear?(pause)I guess I'm poor… (Pause) Do you think I can stay with you for a little while? (Pause) You're grandma died yesterday? (Pause) Oh I'm so sorry! (Pause) No that's fine, I understand. (A few minutes pass) I have nowhere to stay! What am I going to do?

Katie: (sitting on the couch reading the newspaper) You can stay with me. (Looking up to Melissa whose face is wet from crying)

Melissa: Really?

Melissa: Yeah really… I have an extra bed in my room since my sister went off to college.

Katie: Oh my god, Oh my god! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Let me go get my things. (Looks around) Okay I'm ready!

Scene 3

(Scene is placed in Katie's bedroom. Katie and Melissa are laying in the dark. Melissa is having trouble sleeping.)

Melissa: Katie, are you awake? (No answer) Katie I just wish all of this wasn't happening… I don't know what to do; I've never been poor before… Since I'm poor, I guess I have to go find a job, huh? (Melissa gets sick of talking to her self and rolls on her side. Scene fades to black with sobs heard in the background.)

Scene 4

Katie: Good morning Melissa!

Melissa: (grunts and rolls back on her side.)

Katie: Come on we have to change the sheets (throwing the covers off of Melissa. She reluctantly gets up and starts pulling off the covers. Watching Melissa making her bed perfectly she tries to do the same thing, but had problems.)

Melissa: So, you're family loves each other huh?

Katie: Yeah… We do, we're really close.


Melissa: Heh, well… most of the time anyways.

(The two girls finish changing the sheets on the bed and head downstairs for breakfast.)

Melissa: (To Mother) I would like Eggs benedict, bacon, two slices of wheat toast, orange juice, and skim milk.

Mother: Umm Honey, today we're having… (Looks at the box) coco-puffs (Sets box in front of Melissa. Exits, but peaks around the doorway.)

Melissa: (reluctantly picks up the box and starts pouring it into the bowl. She picks up the 2 milk and shudders but pours it into the bowl and starts to eat. Fade to black)

Scene 5

(Two girls enter into the hotel lobby. Desk clerk is heard still whistling, "It's a Wonderful World". Katie and Melissa sit at the couch and are seen eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The same maid from earlier comes up and starts to talk to Melissa.)

Maid: It's so wonderful to have you back, Miss.

Melissa: I wasn't gone anywhere, I was just staying with Katie and her family, so I do-

Maid: Haven't you read the front page? (Looks around for the days paper and hands it to Melissa.) You're rich again dear…

Melissa: I'm WHAT?! (Throws sandwich behind her and jumps up and down) I'M RICH I'M RICH I'M RICH!

Desk Clerk: What is all this ruckus? Melissa please be-

Melissa: I'M RICH AGAIN!

Desk Clerk: What, how?! (Picks up the front page) So you're dad got lucky gambling his last 5 dollars on a horse race huh? Well you wait and see Melissa luck doesn't last forever. (Exits)

(Melissa and Katie are alone. Katie looks sad; Melissa is smiling but then has a more serious look on her face.)

Katie: So, I guess I'll never talk to you again, huh?

Melissa: No that's not true, you were so kind to me when others turned me down… You didn't care if I had any money or not. You are a great person Melissa and I would be stupid to not have you as a friend.

(The two girls hug as the scene ends. Fade to black. Display "The End")