Your lies like the raging sea

I'm caught,

In the raging sea,

The epitome,

Of your lies.

I'm screaming,

For help,

To be rescued,

From your meaningless


I'm thrown about,

By the waves,

Disguised as your fierce


As I start to drown,

Into the darkness,

Of the sea.

I'm too weak to fight,

As I sink deeper,

And deeper,

Until there is,

Nothing left,

But utter oblivion.

So when I look,

Deep into your eyes,

As you tell me,

That you love me,

There is no truth,

To the words you say,

Just the lies I see,

In your eyes,

The color of


The color,

Of the raging sea.

So I sink deeper

And deeper,

Into the forever


That is your words,

Your lies like the raging sea.