Staring at the wall, filled with hate and in withdrawl

From the world and all I've known, my life has become monotone:

One emotion, one expression, one devotion, one obsession;

Sunless skies cast down on me, sharp black rays are all I see

Through these eyes set in shame, tinder heart set in flame

Pink lung turn grey, silver edge slash vein

Flesh muscle down to bone, the stinging ache I call my own.

With my eyes I try to say all the things I hide away,

Want so bad for you to hear the silent screams when you are near,

But you're deaf to it all, my fear-filled cry, my desperate call

Out to the night and all the stars, I wipe the blood and hide the scars,

From the glance you fix on me, You think I'm weak and I agree,

With all you've said and all you've done, I load the bullets in the gun,

When I'm gone don't you cry, know I couldn't wait to die

To have freedom and liberty from all this hate and emnity.

And when the soft snow hits the ground,

In the icy air I'll hang around,

When you need me most you'll feel a chill

And I'll be right there I swear I will.