Legends tell of 4 ancient heroes. An amazing thing happened 15 centuries ago, an event of magical occurences. Each of the four had touched the true source, the core of the earth and what keeps the world alive, and each of them had gained unimaginable powers. Hayep, Naben, Elida, and Torke were their names, ordinary people, none connected to the prestigious royal family. The gods had chosen these 4 to destroy the one supreme evil,master of shadows, tzar'gan. Now, it is up to the one god reincarnated into a human to gather up these four heroes clueless of their own potential. The fate of the world depends on these four gathering and working together to stop the shadow from spreading over the world once more.

At least twenty people sat in a large court like chamber, on top of hard wooden benches lining the cold stone walls, all of them talking amongst themselves in arguing voices. In the center of the chamber sat a tall, slender woman, dressed in a blue, glowing outfit. She sat watching the people sternly for awhile, then spoke loudly above the rest "Everybody must quiet their voices, the council is now in session." The room quickly became silent except for the sound of breathing. With a satisfactory look on her face, the woman now continued "The most important conflict we are faced with today, as everybody knows, is that T'zargan's minions are increasing in number by the day."

"We must quickly choose someone to gather the four!" one of the people sitting around the court exclaimed, quickly standing up.

"Calm yourself, Magic Wielder." The queen looked at him with a stern look "My court already has somebody in mind to complete this task. Over much debating, we have thought of a worthy one. We have decided to put Sir Tai'n to this task. The queen smiled at a man sitting near the back of the room. The man gave a start, but immediately stood up and bowed.

"Why, I would be honored to do my part to defeat the shadow lord." The man said in an honored voice.

"Your willingness is admired. I wish for you to meet me in the mortal chamber."

"As you wish." Tai'n bowed, then left the room through two large oak doors to the back of the chamber. He knew he would have to leave right away, it was crucial that he did. For many days the council had discussed the urgency of gathering the four heroes. Tai'n had never thought that the queen would choose him for this task. He strided quickly down a long corridor, made a few winding turns, then finally came to a steel door firmly closed. The door opened on it's own on his approach, and he entered. Inside, the ceilings, the tiled floor, and the walls were all bright white, as if there were no roof to the room, and it had just snowed. The whole room was bare, except for a small hole of infinite blackness in the center of the chamber, around it standing two people, the queen and one of her escorts. Tai'n was now used to the queen teleporting, all queens learned the power to incase of an emergency where they must quickly flee. The queen was the first one to say anything. "Are you positive that you understand your task, Tai'n?"

"Yes, my queen. I understand perfectly. I swear do my best to be back by 20 days, and then we will bring honor once again to the Tanil throne!"

The queen smiled a a smile of satisfaction. "Very well, best of luck, the whole Tanil kingdom wishes you safety and success."

"Thank you my queen." Tai'n gave a quick bow, then, turning to the opening in the floor, stepped in. The hole gave a bright flash, as if a fire had suddenly blazed inside it. There was the sound of rushing wind, and then Tai'n was gone.

Because of a reviewer's questions of pronounciation, I have added a very small guide

T'zargan (teezargan) Tai'n (tane) Elida (elyda)