Empty woe danced lighted spirits
Desolate waves of provoked seclusion
Shimmering in the blistering ash
Molesting moonlit sea;

Radiant, iridescent blaze
Twirling, coiling gracefully,
Twisting around shadowed minds
With hands that touch the sun
Waning oblivion;
Shedding skin.

The eye of the sun pierces the being
A sweltering stealthy grapple
Embracing presence whole, with
Oblivious fear;
Wading soul.

The ravenous sea exhales shelter
Flimsy silver mane
A cobalt midnight mare;
Run away.

Deceased isolation
Every tiny fibre matters
But secluded words are dead.

Menacing shadows that tease illusions
Laughing, twirling, dancing
Rigid clasp
Throat lash;

Where the mind meets the eye
Sunlight cascades slip away
Blistering vigorous showers of ash
Intertwined senses;

Conspire an armour, while
Each one moulds into the other
Breeding endlessly
Seething endlessly

Escaped reality.