I am the world's greatest lover and greatest loser

And I can do them both in perfect harmony

I wish I was a phoenix - constantly reborn

Arising a changed man from the ashes

But change is up to my own feeble human will

If the waves stopped crashing, the moon stopped rising

The world stopped spinning

It would be my fault for losing my footing

And I would apologize profusely and sincerely

And kiss your cheek

But my actions would seem empty and rehearsed to you

Because I've done it all too many times before

I'll whisper all these fairytales to you

And compare everything else to your beauty

Come autumn sunset or distant land of wonder

You're the only thing I want to see

For the rest of my life

And despite our crossed frequencies and

Life-shattering battles

The true feeling is awake and alive

And all around us when we meet

When our fingers entangle, when our lips

Grace the other's

When our arms enfold and shut out

The rest of the world

When our bodies move with the rhythm

Of unsung songs that urge the winds to blow

You make me feel alive

And that's worth all the time and heartache in the world

For what is man without life and love

Your fire ignites my bones

Your scent embedded upon my sheets

Eruption, combustion

An explosion of passion under the fullest moon

With the fullest of hearts

Screaming with the quickest of beats

And in this moment, I'm greeted by the eyes of an angel

Offering convalescence in the warmth of her embrace

In the tranquility of her smile

And the enigmatic aura that I live to touch

Breathe life into this wayward soul once again

I've found my path in life through you

For what is man without life and love.