I'm trying to catch up

Yet they are walking to fast

I don't know why I do not run

Then I stop in the middle of the dusty road

And smile

I watch them keep walking

Not even turning around

It's like I was never even there

I tilt my head to the side

I'm waiting for them to turn the corner

The wind carries the sound of there laughter

They are almost around the corner

I feel nothing it's as if I am at peace with it

It no longer hurts to see them walk away

To turn the corner without even glancing back

The wind picks up behind me as if to tell me something

I turn around, smiling when they are out of sight

I take the first step forward with a grin on my face

Soon I am walking faster, almost running

I don't even look back

There's no one to see me run away

I start singing and laughing at the same time

There is no longer any pain seeing them go

I slow back down to a walk

I watch the wind blow the dust across the deserted road

Its time to start my journey one step at a time

There is nothing holding me back

There is no fear of being lonely

Because the wind will be here to guide me


i hate this quickedit it won't let me do what i want with the poem. It's pissen me off...but oh well.