What gave you the right to decide?

Watch him fall.
See the victim of your bullet
Connect with the solid, cold ground.
Feel his life slip away
Just as you felt the bullet leave the gun.
Think of what you've done,
Realize all the lives you've just torn apart.

Look at the human being on the ground,
Cold and lifeless like the gun.
Did he deserve to die?
Was he much different from you?
Did his blood run black,
Was his skin cold to touch?
Now they are,
You've taken care of that.

Was he a beast?
A damnation of your God?
Did he take the lives of others?
Could he have changed the world,
Or touched the lives of many?

Did he really deserve the fate you gave him?
Now your fate is forever bond.
Escaping it can not be done.
In the tortured years to come,
You'll ask your self many times;
Did he deserve to die?
What gave you the right to decide?

A/N: This was inspired after a gun threat was placed on me and my friends at school. We stood up for our rights, and that scared people. A friend was injustly targeted because he was 'diffrent'. Sexuallity, religion, world veiws, and the popular 'Goth' labels were place. In the end, they're just as scared as we are. They fear the change that will come one day, we fear that we'll die before that change may happen.