Hello my friend

Why do you cry?

Why do you hold back

I know what you can do

You can fly

You have talent

You have brains

You are capable of anything

But there is something

That you still need to know.

You must forget that we are here

Forget that we are watching you.

Because I know the truth,

So let lose!

Stand above the rest

Be the best

Don't let anyone,

Bring you down.


No one can have that.

If you should fall down a hole,

Climb to the top!

Run through the trees!

Feel the rain!

Stretch out your arms!

You are you!

Dance in the dark!

Sing through the silence!

Be in the spotlight!

Scream through the wind!

You are you!

You hold the light

You will conquer all

Nothing can stop you

So take flight

Win the prize

Fight the shadows

You bring me hope

You amaze me

So climb your hill

And touch the stars

To your heart

Be always true

And always remember

You are you.