where-are-you-?; you're scrabbling in the darkness full of blindrage and torturedoblivion. tainted glass smothers you as you scream&scream (nooneislistening) for you butallislost.

how patheticofyou t to your enemy with suchpassion as if he is your only source of of you to defy the lightthatsingsduringsorrow . why . isn't .anybody . helping. you? drops of your lifearedying sothatyoucanneverbreatheagain.but you remain still&motionless as if nothing -happened .

you beg&scream for the light (openlydefiant)butnoonewilleverhearyou . how did you come to belikethis?howdidyou come to love theb-r-o-k-e-nremains of your tatteredchildhood seething in your batteredwounds. whywouldyouwantmore?