I have always been a goodie-goodie for as long as I can remember.I was always on the honor roll and I never had a failing teachers absolutely loooved me. I was the girl who could never keep her shorts up during P.E.I was the girl who the guys gave a second look ONLY because they needed help on something.I was the epitome of an (over)achiever...And I hated it.

" Miller,Fiona...Miller,Fiona" my name vibrated in the room. raised her head from her clipboard and once again droned "Miller,Fiona...Fiona!"

"Huh!?" I snapped out of my chunky black hair falling on my chocolate brown eyes...I have always hated my eyes..I felt like they were just so dull.. "Oh,uhmm..Present." grinned "Keep your head out of the clouds ." She said as she searched for the next name on the list.

It was the first day of Sophomore year and I couldn't have been no more! I shook my head and sat up straighter.I pulled out my cute little notebook and started jotting down everything that I could..."zzzzzz" I heard a soft snore coming from the seat right behind me..I laughed(silently,of course) and said to myself "Nothing has changed"

By the time Mrs. Johnson finished her lecture,the whole classroom was slouching on their seats..Their heads staring up at the ceiling.

Just as everyone was about to drift off the bell started ringing and a sea of people's faces lit up brighter than the sun.

"Okay,class dismissed" said actually sounding relieved.

I fixed my stuff and put on my (Size 14) pink ,I'll admit it...I was a tad bit fat. As I stood up,my seat creaked and I had a hard time getting out of it..God,who am I kidding? I was a WHALE! Before I wallowed in a pool of my self-pity, I rushed out of the classroom to get to my next class.I squeezed myself in the crowd and breathed a sigh of relief as the world of T.J. High revolved slightly faster than before.

Lunch finally came and I was found sitting on our usual table tapping to a beat in my head when my best friend Miranda Hale popped up." Ona! Long time no see!" She sat down..Her beautiful blonde hair whipped around in the wind.I was still amazed that someone as beautiful as her would hang out with someone as dull as is so much mystery in the world and this was one of them."Uhh, Ran? We just saw each other like a week ago." I said."Still! Ona! I missed you!"She flung her arms around my shoulders."Ei geroff me lezzbo"I screeched and she giggled."Okay okay..OMG Ona! This year is a total 'Hottie Year'!" I was boy-crazy!

"Okay so there is this one guy in my class ...blahblahblahblah..." My eyes drifted off to where the goths were .I saw them all having fun..Just talking,rocking out,having no care for the world and I actually felt a pang of jealousy surge in my blood..And unfortunately Miranda saw that I was not paying attention and raised her hands in front of my face

"Ona? Are you ok? Hello? Ona!" She shook me violently.

"Huh?" Oh yah I'm fine" Second time today that someday had to wake me up from my little daydreams.

"Guys!" Someone screamed from the end of the lunch other best friend,Izzy Forbes,ran like a madwoman to our patchwork shirt reflecting in the sunlight like a rainbow

"Why,good morning ,Sunshine" I greeted as she reached our table and sat down panting hard." I.I.I.I..Jjjjuu..(gasp)" She started trying as hard as she could to finish her sentence."Okay,Iz..Slowly..Breathe in.."Miranda breathed in and Izzy mimicked her.I joined in for added laughter."And breathe out..Okay so what were you saying?" Miranda finished.

"A.a.a.a.I just saw the Soccer Jocks and they're headed this way!"Miranda and Izzy both squealed in delight

"Well,yeah..Jocks have to eat too,don't they?" I smiled sarcastically but they just chose to ignore my magnificioso humor.

"Okay so how's my hair?""Is there anything in my teeth?""Do I look cute enough?" They started shooting questions at each other. I laughed at their guy obsession,shook my head and resumed tapping the table.

Sure enough,the jocks walked in and the whole lunch room fell walked in Craig Somers followed by his posse,Rocky and guys ruled the school and every girl dreamnt about being with her,of were the kings of the school and what they said was one had the guts to stand up to those one has ever tried.

The last one to walk in was Jordan had short(ish) dark brown hair and the most beautiful sapphire blue eyes in the whole wide was silent and he kept his head bent low...There was just something about that boy that made every girl swoon at his feet...The four Kings of Soccer could have any girl they desire and probably everything else in though they had killer looks, I always thought that they were conceited and arrogant jerks that never really cared if they broke the hearts of every girl they encountered..All they were looking for was a lay

I scoffed and stood down at the two giddy girls twirling their hair and giving flirtatious looks, I laughed and walked to the trashcan...Which,weirdly enough,was situated near the jocks' table...I twirled her head around at the 3(take note! 3!) guys stifling their laughter.I turned back to the trash can and threw her garbage in.

"Hey uhmm Fiona?"Craig called out

I froze in my tracks...Did Craig just ask for me ? I turned around and answered sweetly "Yes?"

"Nice shoes." And with that the whole room erupted with laughter.I slowly looked at my shoes..Scared of what I was about to see

I almost died when I saw that a loooooong trail of tissue paper was stuck to my pumps.I blushed and slowly walked back to our table where I kept my tomato-like cheeks out of sight from the eyes once again travelled to the jock table and they were all busting a gut laughing out loud..Except for one guy..Jordan.

Then and there,I started to think that he might not be such a horrible guy