Chapter 33

Back to the streets where we began. No, actually just back to the school after a long weekend of partying. Hard. Summer wasn't officially over yet, but two weeks to go and back to the torture of homework, evil substitute teachers and the horror of having to stand up in front of the whole class and recite the poem you poured your entire heart and soul into. I should know. I've been there before; and let me tell you, it's not pretty.

Today was the last practice before the big performance at the end of the week. Just the thought of it sent shivers down my spine. I was extremey scared of what this recital presented for what is left of my shattered dignity. I am not ready to shake my booty in front of the teachers! I'm not sure if I should even shake my booty, for that matter. I have a problem with performing in front of crowds, I admit... That is, if you haven't figured it out yet.

I was wearing my lucky pink sports bra underneath my lucky black top. I also brought along my lucky charm bracelet and lucky keychain. What? I wasn't taking any chances today. And to top it off, I wore my lucky undies, which I only use during finals. I know. Superstitious, much.

I walked out to the field feeling really woozy. I was still having party-withdrawal and my head still throbbed a little bit. I put my shades on and prayed that my feet don't fail me now. A girl still has to look glamorous even at her lowest. I was overreacting! It was only a party! I'm a dork. Gosh. See what I did? I just did a Napoleon Dynamite. Get it? No, you don't.

"Hey, Fur! How you hanging? You feel any better?" Parker ran up to me. Uhm... I forgot to tell you that I puked alot after the party... The icy (preferably UNspiked) mango shake I had just didn't cooperate with my empty stomach. Coming home late, lovestoned and jazzed just didn't help my situation either. I even broke my midnight curfew! I'm turning into the absolute bad party girl! Not.

And because I broke the curfew, I was grounded for, oh say, FOREVER! No, actually it was just for two weeks. Still. I had never ever ever been grounded before. Half a month inside would make me feel like a convict. And it was just awesome timing because I was grounded kismetically on the last two weeks of summer. Doesn't that just blow your mind? No, I don't think so.

"Yeah, I'm better. I got a good night's sleep during the weekend." I took off my sunglasses and gave Parker a tiny hug. We laughed and linked our arms, doing some riverdancing as we walked. We met up with the crew and exchanged our greetings.

"Ona! I heard that you had a somewhat juicy moment with our beloved Rocky Geone yesterday? Fact or fiction? True or False? Yes or No? Spill!" Ella ambushed me and put her arm around mine. She definitely had a way with words. She led me to the bleachers where we sat down before Arden bombarded me, as well.

"Yes, yes! Do spill! Pleaaaaasssseee... And was James at the game? Did he play well? Did he look hot? Do you think he was thinking about me? Was he flirting with any cheerleaders? Did he look like he was about to flirt with any cheerleaders?" She paused, as if thinking of something else to say "Oh yeah. What happened between you and Rocky?"

I laughed. "Girls, girls, girls... I don't kiss and tell." They all looked shocked as I uttered those words. Even Kyter seemed intrigued because he stopped jumping around and looked at me.

"What?! Ona! You kissed him? You kissed him? Where? When? How?" Ella asked, wriggling around in her seat. She began screeching the last few words so I never really understood anything she said except "Kissed how?"

"Okay, Ella? I never understood anything from what you said." She began shaking me really violently. I laughed "We never kissed!" I finally blurted out.

"What?!" She stopped shaking me and fixed her hair, which was evidently disheveled because of all her ruckus. "What?! But but but..."

"But you said you never kiss and tell..." Arden said, saddened by the mere fact that I didn't kiss Rocky. I know, my friends loooove looking out for me.

"That's right. I never kiss and tell. I never kiss and I never tell. Huh? Huh?" They started pinching me for being mean but I just laughed and hugged them. "You know that you girls will always know if something's happened or whatever, right?"

"Fiona... You can never ever ever again tease us like that! You're gonna give us all heart attacks! Ella almost fainted! You are a naughty girl!" Arden exhaled. She seemed distraught at my revelation. She smiled to let me know that we were cool.

"I almost peed my pants..." Kyter said, sitting down on the grass. We all looked at him weirdly and at the same time burst out laughing. We were all having great, big belly laughs when Rocky joined our little party.

"Hey, guys. What's up? What's new in this neck of the woods?" He said, sitting down next to me and putting his arm around my shoulder. I raised one eyebrow at him and giggled. I put my head on his shoulder and he ruffled my hair. He wore his soccer shorts and nothing else. Don't ask me why, but he did.

"You two look like the ultimate couple now, don't you? So, if Ona's not going to tell us the deets about your soccer romance... Maybe Rocky will... Won't you Rocky? Just what really happened that night at the soccer tournament?" Ella asked, the sparkle of teen love twinkling in her eyes. Ahh, a romantic.

He sighed and took his arm off of my shoulders. He took my hand in his and intertwined his fingers with mine. Everyone looked on as he put his forehead on mine, allowing us to see eye to eye. We looked like this totally mushy couple who you'd see checking out the new Nicolas Sparks' book-turned-movie. He smiled at me and I at him. Everyone had their breath caught in their throats. A little push could send them flying off of the bleachers.

Rocky broke away from our pseudo-connection and he looked at me, whispering the words "Should we tell them?" I giggled and nodded. He sighed and looked at everyone. They were all leaning forward, listening intently, as if this was the biggest story of the year!

"We don't kiss and tell." We both said at the exact same time.

And with that, the girls started screaming and jumping up and down. Not the good, excited kind of screaming, though. It was more of the We-Hate-You-We've-Already-Heard-This-Joke-Just-Seconds-Ago screaming. Trust me, it's not good. Not good at all. The boys started shaking their heads, wondering why they asked Rocky in the first place. What can I say? Curiosity kills you sometimes.

"You guys are incredibly mean! You know that, don't you?" Arden said, huffing and puffing. Her cheeks turned bright red and I could practically see the smoke coming out of her ears.

"We're sorry, baby girls... And baby boys... It's just that we wanted to play a prank on you guys... And we figured, we'd all just have a great laugh after this... It was a pretty good joke, wasn't it?" I looked at everyone, smiling. Everyone was giving me death stares but as they did, there were huge smiles on their faces so I knew that they weren't THAT angry.

"You guys are just so lucky I'm terrified of prison." Arden grumbled, quoting a line from a button pin she once wore to school. I grimaced as she said that because I knew somehow that I didn't want to be on the receiving end when Arden was finally cured of her prison-phobia.

"We know, Arden... And we're very thankful about that. But still, we wouldn't want to be on the receiving end once you're cured of your prison-phobia." Rocky said, as if he had read my mind. I looked at him incredulously and shook my head. The weariness of it all was getting to me.

"So, are you not gonna get up off of your rumps or are we not going to practice?!" Kyter said, suddenly remembering that he as very high on sugar. We all stood up, begrudgingly. I even heard Ella snort as she stood up. No one was ready for this recital. NO ONE.

So we all took our places and waited for the intro to start. I turned around and arched my back as I got into position. Rocky took my waist and spun me around as the first line spewed out of the radio. We all started dancing and grooving out to our routine. I smiled a lot because I really felt that we were all getting so good, especially Rocky! Who knew, huh?

We all gave each other high-fives as we stopped for a break. I was panting heavily as I took my water bottle out of my duffle. I sipped a bit from the top and almost spit it out as someone put his/her hand on my waist. I'm jumpy, what can I say?

Between spits, I looked behind my shoulder to find Rocky, standing a little too close to my body (without a shirt on!) to my liking. I raised one eyebrow at him and he just stood there and smirked. He didn't talk and so did I... He just held me with both his arms around my waist and stomach. I didn't know what he was doing so I just continued sipping my water and praying that he would let go of me before I fainted.

Then, as if I wasn't mentally harassed enough, he put his chin on my shoulder and began breathing in and out. I didn't know exactly how I smelled that point in time so I was incredibly nervous. His rhythmic breathing and my shaking body seemed to give him some kind of comfort because it took a long time until he finally let go. And that was just because Parker called him to practice.

I exhaled one big, deep breath as he walked away, as if I didn't breathe at all when he was around. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him talking to the boys. What was this? This is too complicated for words. Luckily (or unluckily, whichever), the girls saw what happened and came bouncing up to me as soon as they saw me unwind.

"Ona, what was that, huh? And you tell us that there is nothing going on between you two?!" Ella started pinching and poking me. I lunged and lurched and giggled as she did so.

"Why wouldn't you tell us? We feel so so so so so so hurt." Arden said, mock hurting. She had on this fake frown plastered on her face and all I could do was choke back my laughter. She didn't do a good job convincing me!

"I swear on my C-cups I do not know what just happened." I said, just as mystified as they were. We all stood there with our mouths wide open as we looked at Rocky just chatting up a storm and being a guy with Kyter and Parker. So, they were starting to like him too, huh? Interesting...

All of a sudden, Lance went up to Rocky and they started bumping chests or whatever it is that guys do. Rocky introduced him to the guys. How I knew all this being ten feet away? I could just tell, I guess. Psychic? Hardly. Good-guesser? More likely.

I turned around to face the green landscape and just took it all in. I inhaled a big, deep breath and exhaled it all out. Then someone had to ruin it by hitting me on the back of the head. I turned around ready to leap on my assailant.

"Hey, Ona. The guys wanna know if you wanna kick the panda ball 'round with us." Rocky said, holding a soccer ball near his very tan and toned chest. Well, this was awkward. I mean, calling the soccer ball a panda ball, that is. Am I doing a good job of convincing you? No? No.

I just chuckled and muttered to myself that I was definitely not the person he should be asking this question. "Uhm... No, thanks. Not right now."

I lowered my eyes toward the ground and saw that he was already wearing his soccer sneakers. See, for these guys, there are different pairs of sneakers. Sports sneakers, party sneakers, laid-back sneakers and girl-hunt sneakers. Ryson had the complete arsenal at home.

I could feel his eyes looking at me, so I raised mine to meet his. He had gorgeous eyes, if I do say so myself. He raised one eyebrow at me and didn't speak. He just took me by my shirt and pulled me towards the field. I had been kicking, flailing away and shouting obscenities at him before I noticed that it took him less than ten seconds to get me to the soccer field. Wow, he's strong.

"Here she is. Pay up!" Rocky said, holding his palms out to the rest of the soccer team. Lance handed him a five dollar bill and grumbled incomprehensible words. James also handed him a bill and just shook his head. Ok, I was thoroughly embarassed now. My face turned into a huge tomato as all of this y-chromosomal hormones smothered me. Flying fudge.

"Ok, if all this illegal gambling is over with, I would like to go back now." I looked straight at Rocky "You owe me." I gritted through my teeth. He just chuckled and grabbed me by the shoulder before I could totally walk out. He turned me around and put me in the middle of a very complex yet fascinatingly handsome gene pool. Anyone for a game of "Red Rover"?

I was being stared down at and I did not like it at all. All I could do was stand straight and pray that I looked intimidating enough. Enough for them to not eat me. My mental psyche was taking such a beating.

"We would actually like to know if you wanted to play some soccer with us?" Lance asked me, obviously amused by my suddenly erect position. He wasn't wearing a shirt either. Actually, no one was wearing anything aside from shorts and soccer sneakers. A feeling of wooziness brushed through me as I made this discovery.

Craig smiled as he saw me fidgeting. "Come on, Ona... You know you want to. It'll be really fun." He really had a way of luring me, didn't it? Too bad I didn't buy it.

I was about to reject the very intriguing offer when, perfect timing, the beautiful, bountiful, nicely-tanned and evenly-shaped cheerleaders emerged from their hallowed gymnasium, with Kara leading them all. They looked like muses just dreamily floating by as the whole world watched their every movement. It sickened me.

"Hey, Rocky." Kara sidled up to him. She put her arm around his and talked in an overly flirtatious voice. I could see that she had on shiny lipgloss, a twinkle in her otherwise demented eyes and nothing else. Well, she was wearing clothes if that is what you're wondering. Clothes that could pass off as belts, mind you. "What are you doing with her?" She said, pointing a very mocking finger at me. I seriously wanted to bite it off right at that instant.

"Nothing." I mumbled, slumped my shoulders and proceeded in walking away from all of the action. But once again, Rocky took me by the arm, Put his arm around my shoulder and smiled down at me with eyes that muttered silently to me "I'll keep you safe, don't worry."

"Well, she was supposed to play some soccer with us? Would you ladies like to join?"

"Oh, really now. Soccer? Her?" She laughed menacingly. I was utterly livid! "Rocky, if you wanted to play soccer with some girls, you could have asked us? Not some lowlife freak of nature like this one right here. Or maybe you could have even asked one of your little dancer boys." She said, looking towards the direction of Kyter and Parker.

That did it. That really, positively did it. I marched over to her and began shouting my head off "What the hell is your problem?!" My eyes flickering with a thousand death threats ready to attack.

"My problem is you." She snarled back.

"Really? You wanna solve that problem?" I inched in closer to her, my teeth almost snapping next to her forehead. I swear, I was turning into a werewolf right that instant.

"Bring it on, tub o' lard."

I was about to throw a punch when Rocky caught my hand. He laughed subtly as he cradled me closer to his chest and rubbed his hand across my arched back. I was pissed, dammit! This was not the time for copping a feel!

"Hey, hey ladies. Show some class." Kara and I looked at him like we were about to bite his head off. "Ok, that was dumb. Anyway, why don't we settle this on the field. How about a little soccer match to fuel the tensions." Derek offered. His timing was so impeccable it ALWAYS ceases to amaze me.

Kara smirked and looked back at me. "I'm up for it."

"So am I."

"Call it, ladies!"

"Heads!" I shouted, as quickly as I could. Of course, with my luck, tails won. I cursed under my breath and wished that I never agreed to this foolish game. I was now swallowing all of my words.

So before I get a little too ahead of myself, let me tell you about the mechanics of this game. So, you already know...It's soccer. First one to score wins. We were going to play a rousing round of "Shirts vs. Skins". Skins being the team who lost in the coin toss.

"Aww... Fiona lost. Boo-hoo-hoo. Don't worry, I'll play skins. Just for everyone's sake. That way no one would have to burn their eyes off or something." Kara laughed, no, cackled like a witch with perfect skin. I loathe her.

I was very tempted to hit her in the head with my shoe but chose, halfheartedly, against it. Instead, a thought popped into my head. And before I could stop myself, I smirked and walked over to the center of the field. Guess what I did next? Yup. I took off my black top to reveal my lucky pink sports bra! Everyone whooped and cheered (except the cheerleaders, which was quite understandable) for me as I struck a pose. I could see the rage coming out of Kara's nostrils. I also saw Craig widen his eyes in shock.

"Who's looking good in skins now?" I bragged as I passed by. I gave my teammates big high-fives as I took my position. I was teamed together with Rocky, Lance and Derek, who looked good in their skins too, if I do say so myself. Ella took a wacky picture of us before the game started, my tongue out and Lance's leg on my shoulder. How that happened, please don't ask.

Playing on the opposing team (Shirts) was the Wicked Witch of the West, James, Brando (newbie) and Craig. Craig? How was I ever going to play well? He looked over to Valerie and waved. Valerie winked at him and gave him a big air kiss. She waved her poms-poms and I think she shot me a dirty look. I am just not sure. So, this is my new motivation.

I went to the middle field where our referee, Kurt (another newbie), was standing. Kara followed suit. We were the unofficial team captians due to some bad blood. And probably because no one wanted to be in between the two of us if and when all hell broke loose. She snarled at me and I at her. We were like children, only cattier and more hormonal.

"I want a clean game, girls. No biting, hitting, bitch-slapping, kicking, pulling of hair, and/or any lower body blows. I'll be watching very closely." Kurt said in his booming voice.

Kara smirked at me and then looked wistfully at Kurt "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her." She whispered, albeit sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and looked at my teammates. They were all looking at me, too. Their eyes were somehow telling me that I could do this and that they were there to support me. Or they were just probably looking at my half-naked extremely conscious self. Whichever.

My bra strap itched as I was waiting for Kurt to finally blow his whistle. I was standing at the front of the pack, face to face with Kara. We shook hands. Hers felt slightly moist. Don't worry, mine was too.


And we were off. I kicked the ball as hard as I could, only to see it rolling to the other side. Looks like I just kicked grass. I ran as fast as I could to follow Brando, who was also being followed by Derek. He stole the back from Brando and kicked it to my direction. At first, my eyes just looked like they were about to pop out off their sockets because, heck, I didn't know what to do! But I took a cue from the guys and took the ball between my ankles, positioned it, then kicked it like there was no tomorrow.

I ran towards their goal where Craig was waiting, ready to pounce. Gosh, he looked cute. Oh, Lord FOCUS! But before I could even focus on focusing on getting him out of my mind, Kara somehow appeared right next to me and put her foot in front of me. Being the clumsy oaf that I am, of course, I tripped. It even looked like I tripped on my own two feet! She laughed and stole the ball away. I saw Rocky running towards me but I just shoo'ed him away, forcing him to keep playing.

I stood up and brushed myself off. I scraped my knee but nothing a little iodine wouldn't fix. When I got it all together, I ran back to our part of the field and waited, contemplating whether I should scalp Kara or probably just pull her implants out. Both worked for me.

I was sweating my ass off as I saw a glint of white and black and ran toward it. Derek was fighting for the ball with James. Their feet moving so fast yet so gracefully. It was like watching poetry in motion. Really sexy poetry to be exact. Oh, God. This thing is getting to my sanity in more ways than one. I felt extremely worried about myself at that point in time. There wasn't much time to be all selfish, though, because as Derek got hold of the ball, he immediately passed it to me. So, once again, I ran for my life.

I was getting nearer and nearer the goal when suddenly I tripped out of nowhere. Again? What the heck? Kara was at my side almost immediately. I didn't think twice either when I figured out that she was the one who pushed me to the ground. Oh, how I loathe her to the core. She stuck her tongue out at me as I sat on the grass, panting, my face turning all possible shades of crimson. One more and she really gets it this time!

So, mostly everything was the same. I still ran to the field and tried to figure out who had the ball. When I saw that James had the ball, I ran as fast as I could to him. Rocky nabbed the ball away from him and went running towards the other team's goal. I ran next to him and smiled as he looked up at me, smiling, too. We looked like loons as we raced across the field, but neither of us cared. It also didn't matter that I was sweating buckets and that my boobs were going all willy-nilly. This was pretty fun.

It happened too fast. Kara caught up to me and rammed me in the shoulders! I fell squarely on the ground, bringing down Rocky with me. I was on top of him, my legs splayed out and my chest right on his. My hair was in his face and his knee was on my stomach. We looked like we were getting it on right there on the field! I blushed wildly as I got to my knees. It really didn't help that we were both down to our skivvies and bottoms.

Kara blew a kiss at Rocky and stole the ball from right under our noses. Okay, she's going to get it now! I stood up and helped Rocky out, who definitely looked just as flustered as I was. He shook his hair and flashed this big, goofy smile that made him look so cute and innocent. But, I had no time for this now. La Vendetta is on!

Funny that even though Kara had stolen the ball from me more times than I could count, she still hadn't scored. Thank Macaroni for Lance. I ran to their field and waited for her. I saw her bounding down the field, the ball in between her feet. I smirked as I just waited for her. As she came closer, I ran a bit to follow her. I came in closer, and closer, and closer... Then...

I pulled her shorts down! She screamed as her pink micro-mini shorts fell on the grass below, revealing her very ancient and GRAY (I swear to you, they were gray!) granny panties. I muffled my laughter as her cheeks burned and her voice got higher and higher with each shout. That's not such a good idea, attracting more attention to yourself when your dumbo underwear is displayed for the whole world to see.

"Don't mess with me, honey." I said as I walked to where my teammates were laughing their asses off. The game continued soon after Kara finally got her shorts up. That's gonna teach her for thinking she could screw with me.

The game went on without a hitch after that. It was definitely neck and neck because no one had scored yet! The heat was getting to us and all the tension... You could cut it with a spoon. Everyone was frustrated, everyone was tired, everyone was anxious to win!

I was shaking my hair, wiping my sweat away and making sure that my stomach was sucked in well when someone passed me the ball. I was so shocked that I jumped up when it hit my foot. True story. My eyes widened and I didn't know what to do. I guess I was traumatized from everything that happened earlier, huh?

"Run, Ona!" A very frazzled Rocky shouted as he ran towards me.

My legs suddenly went on frantic auto-pilot and began kicking the ball towards the goal. I was running and running and running, my hair whipping around in the wind, my bust still willy-nilly. Everyone stopped running and looked at me quizically. I had no time for this. I was so close to the goal...

"Ona! You're going the wrong way!" Ella shouted from the bleachers. She and Arden were holding each other, almost ready to spontaneously combust. They looked... Weird. Kyter was quietly seated and Parker... Was he praying?

Then, I remembered my predicament. I was going the wrong way. Brando and Kara were running towards me, too. He, looking for victory; She, looking for ways to annihilate me. I did a quick 360 and began for the other goal.

I was getting nearer again. From a distance, I could see Craig still in his tackling position. I was closing in. Right before I kicked the ball...

I stopped. I looked at Craig. He looked so good in his navy blue shirt; his hair sparkling the perfect color of sand and honey. He was looking at me too, apparently. He stood up straighter and dropped his hands to his side. It definitely brought back so many memories...

I sent him a shy wave and he chuckled loudly enough for me to hear. I blushed and (I hope) so did he, but under the sun I really couldn't tell. Goodness, he looked so cute. And he looked at me so sweetly, like we were lovers instead of used to be's. I wonder what he thought about whenever he looked at me like that... Could he have remembered everything like I did?

"ONA!" A loud holler vibrated from the bleachers and the field at the exact same time. I cringed.

And with that, I kicked the ball. Craig missed it by the tiniest millimeter. I won the game for us.

What?! We won?! We won! We won!

I began jumping up and down and screaming my lungs out when right from behind me, someone picked me up. It was Rocky. He was screaming as well. He picked me up (God knows how) and threw me over his shoulder. I didn't care, though. We won! We wo-o-o-onnn!

I began hugging everyone and I almost cried. I think I gave Kara a pat on the back but I am not entirely sure.

Thank God for my lucky pink sports bra.

"Of course, I'm ready for the recital! I hope we'll do a great job. Aren't you psyched yet?"

"I probably am... I'm not sure. Once I am, I'll let you know."

Rocky and I were walking along the field, fully-showered and very exhilarated from the afternoon's activities. The sun was just starting to set and the sky gave off a pink luminosity. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

We were laughing and pinching each other as we walked along. We were really hitting it off and sorts. Plus, he looked really nice in the near dusk-light. Ok, whoa. Where did this come from? Oh, my Lord... What the heck is happening to me these days?

"Hey, Ona... I was wondering if maybe... Some time next week..." Rocky stammered. I raised one eyebrow at him and smiled, curtly. What was he trying to say?

"What? What is it, Rocky? You want me to help you with your dancing? Your homework?" I offered. He just shook his head and laughed softly. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked up at the sky.

"It's nothing...Hey, look!" He pointed towards the sky. I looked up and as I did, he smacked the back of my head. And I swear, after all the running and jumping, kicking and screaming, the last thing you wanted to receive was another non-battle wound.

"Made ya look." He smiled. I opened my mouth to mutter something inplausible when all of a sudden...

"Hey, Rock! Hey, Ona! Good game!" Craig went up to us in all his Alpha Male-ness. Beads of sweat started forming on my forehead. I couldn't think straight or anything. It took a while for me to regain my composure. He's so incredibly fine. Sigh. Am I so totally feeling hot right now or what? Again, I am surrounded by boys. Am I that attractive? Kidding.

"Hey, Craig. Good game, too. Looks like skins rule, dude." Rocky said, giving Craig a low-five. I just nodded and grinned as inconspicuous as possible.

"Yeah..." He looked at me and winked "Skins do rule."

I blushed to the heavens and back as he said this comment. Good thing my now pink aura blended well with the canvas of colors right behind me so he probably didn't notice much.

"You looked... Nice, Ona." Craig uttered quietly, for lack of anything else to say. I smiled and mouthed a shy "Thank you."

"Well... I gotta go. It was nice playing with you guys." He said and rushed away. I guess it's so that he could meet up with Valerie.

"Valerie comes a knockin'!" I joked as Rocky and I were left alone. He smiled and didn't speak for the rest of the time we were together. This was weird... Why was he acting this way? It started this afternoon and now this, too?

I looked down on his feet and noticed that he wasn't wearing his sporty soccer sneakers, his flashy party sneakers, his colorful laid-back sneakers, or his wild girl-hunt sneakers. He wore white Chucks with blue piping along the side. Simple yet striking. That's another datum for my books.

"Congratulations on the game." He finally said, not looking at me. I sighed.

"Yeah... Skins rule."


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