"What are you wearing?" Demanded Linda's friend after Linda had answered the door.

Linda gave her friend the wide eyed innocent look, "Clothes of course. Did my order come in?"

Her friend handed her a plastic bag with several toiletries items in it. "Linda dear, you dressed for the wrong time period; you need to modernize your clothing."

"I don't think so." Linda smiled while making sure everything she'd ordered was in the bag. "Today is Normal-Clothes-Are-Over-Rated Day. Thank you for bringing this by." She indicated the bag of stuff.

"Yeah, no problem," Her friend was still frowning at her clothing. Linda was wearing a maroon peasant skirt, layered over the top of a faded sage green peasant skirt that occasionally peeked its hem out below the maroon one. The two went together well without clashing or looking like Christmas colors. She wore a brown undershirt with a cream gauze blouse over the top of that. The blouse went with both skirts well due to its plainness. Around her neck was a simple pendant necklace with wooden beads in cream and black, with a pendant sun hanging down. What was probably the only thing bugging her friend was the maroon velvet cloak. It rested on her shoulders with the ties hanging down, and it billowed slightly in the draft coming through the open front door. It made her look slightly antique, but at the same time it was refreshing and different.

"Do you have to make it Normal-Clothes-Are-Over-Rated Day? It looks so odd." Her friend frowned even harder, a whine creeping into her voice.

"I don't plan on going anywhere today, and these clothes are comfortable. Was there anything else?" Linda said, setting aside the bag.

"No, I guess not. Are you sure you won't change?" Her friend asked. Linda nodded. With a sigh her friend walked away. Linda rolled her eyes, some people were so strange.