I was spending the night at a friends' house. It was just going to be her and I alone because her parents were out of town. No big deal. They trusted us and knew we wouldn't invite any guys over. We were good girls. That wasn't totally true, we just didn't need guys.

My friends' house is haunted after a fashion. Things go bump in the night and you can get into bumping contests with them till you fear the whole house wakes up from the noise. There are monsters under the bed, so don't forget a flashlight. And weird light pictures display themselves across the wall in a completely dark room.

Chelse and I went to the kitchen together hand in hand and got ourselves a snack. Popcorn of course. What else goes good with a movie?

The portable DVD player was propped up on a pillow and we cuddled next to each other on the bed. We watched Gremlins, occasionally poking each other in the ribs trying to scare one another. She startles easy, I don't jump at much.

After the movie Chelse got a mischievous look in her eye and reached under the bed. I wondered what horror she was going to pull out. It was beyond all imagined terrors.

A Furby.

"Looks like a cousin of the gremlins. Bet there was a copy right issue over this thing." I said, taking the small mechanical creature from her and turning it upside-down. It's large eyes opened. With a scream of terror it begged to be turned right side up again.

"The ghosts have gotten into it." Chelse said taking back the furby and cuddling it close to her chest. The beast bit her hard with its beak like mouth, making her yelp in pain.

We set the furby aside. We were both superstitious. Put together we were paranoid to the point of absurd. We plotted against the furby as it hummed happily to itself upon a cushion she'd made for it.

We decided on the best plan. Take the batteries out. It screamed in mock pain as we unscrewed the bottom and took the batteries out. Its screams died away quickly with the removal of the batteries. Now dead after the manner of mechanical animal, we were safe to play and bump and hide in the darkest corners of the house. And of course we took a flashlight.

Midnight found us laying in bed trying to sleep. Chelse on the top bunk and I on the bottom. We figured it was best this way. When the monsters under the bed came up, I could just wack them and go back to sleepm, as opposed to her waking and screaming because she startles easy.

This night she was asleep within moments of putting her head on the pillow and I drifted restlessly in and out of sleep, watching for the usual light display across the walls and ceiling. It never came.

I must have drifted off because I woke suddenly and sat up in bed to an odd smell. The heater was blowing extremely hot air out the vents, making the room unbearably warm. It was the middle of summer for crying out loud. Why did the spooks turn on the heater?

I looked for the clock and didn't see it. The room smelled like a dead animal. In a mirror on the opposite wall from me I could see my reflection; glowing red eyes and a dark red aura. Nervously I glanced around.

The furby was looking at me. Someone or something had turned it and opened its big eyes so that it was staring right at me. Behind it on the wall was a light picture that looked like a vague axe with blood dripping from the blade.

It blinked and spoke. "Furby hungry! heehee."

The bugger doesn't have arms but it came after me holding the axe. Bouncing around possessed by the ghosts of the house it fell from the top of the dresser and made its way across the floor.

I lay back down hoping it was just a dream. I opened my eyes and saw a dark stain on the bottom of the mattress above me. Afraid of what I would find I stood on the edge of the bed and looked at my beloved Chelse. She was dead, her face and arms chewed by a rounded plastic beak.

A blade bit into the back of my heel. I yelled on pain and swung onto the lower bunk, far away from the furby as I could get. The axe head was changing shape as it dug into my heel of its own accord. Needles of metal worked under my skin at great speeds.

The needles worked their way painfully up my leg and into my belly. The furby somehow bounced on the bed and was biting my feet. The needles tore apart my insides, and drove themselves in one grand explosion of pain into my heart. . .