Rasha looked up into the sky swearing under her breath. The morning had looked so promising when they awoke but now gray clouds formed under the sun. It was so cold outside that every time that they breathed they saw their breath. Her stomach growled beneath her ill-fitting clothing. She turned and looked over her shoulder at her best friend Keith.

"It's been two days since we had anything to eat but stale bread, Keith. How much longer can this continue?" He turned around his blue eyes contrasting sharply with his black hair.

"You know that food is scarce right now. We're lucky to have what we have."

"Yeah, but I would kill for some meat." She turned and looked to her right, towards another young man with blond hair. "How about you Don, what would you give to have some meat?"

His voice soft but carried over to her, "Almost anything."

"Maybe when Pete and John get back they might bring something good with them." Rasha said wistfully. It was starting to get colder by the second. "Keith, how is that fire going? Is it almost started?"

He was rubbing two sticks together trying to get a spark going in a small little trash can. They had gathered up all available items that could be burned from the area this morning. "Almost there. I keep getting smoke but no fire."

Quietly she sat down and crossed her legs shivering as she huddle herself up. She started thinking back to the days before when there was no poverty, no homelessness, and plenty to eat.

The third world war had almost made every country barren. France existed only under water, everyone dead in that country. United States had barely survived but the political system did not. There was no free government. Instead there was one world power called the Dom Chant order. Dom Chant had been cloned during the late 2001s he was cloned from Hitlers' ashes that had been found in East Germany.

For protection after the war Rasha had joined up with Keith's group that consisted of Pete and John two twins that were twenty one, Keith who was twenty-five, and Don who was twenty-four. She was the only female in the group and a month younger than the twins.

It took another hour to get the fire started; by then the group had started to worry about Pete and John. They still had not returned. Keith was about to go looking for them when a couple of helicopters flew over them and dropped a couple of bombs. Just then a group of brown uniformed men came storming toward them.

"You three are under arrest for conspiracy against the government." One said.

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