Authors Note: Thank you for the review, its helpful knowing that other people are reading this, its very encouraging and keep

Authors Note: Thank you for the review, its helpful knowing that other people are reading this, its very encouraging and keeps me wanting to finish this story. And yes, it will be finish soon, I have to put another couple of ideas down on paper, type it up, and then I'll put it on .

Chapter 3

The keys felt so heavy in his hands. He saw Rasha go down, seen her blackout. Powerless to help her, frustrated beyond reason he slammed the fist that held the keys into the wall. "Dammit, that hurt." He yelled clutching his hand to his stomach. The noise with everyone yelling at Rasha's escape muffled Keith's yelling so that only his cellmate could barely hear him.

Troy his skinny, squinty cellmate looked over at him from his bunk. "Dumb idiot. What did you do that for?" When he received no answer from Keith except a dirty look that Troy couldn't see in the dank cell he got up and walked over to Keith. "Here, let me see your hand. I used to be a doctor, until two days ago."

With a doubtful look Keith did as he was told. After looking it over and seeing the swelling and pushing on the bones, Troy pronounced him fit as ever. He leaned over and whispered into his ear. "You know, you might want to hid those keys. Don't forget that they search the place every couple of days."

"Yeah, well hiding places are sort of limited around here." He said while watching the guards drag Rasha down the hall. When she was out of sight he watched as two guards stand at the end of the row.

He was a blond, green-eyed guard, big and burly. He put his hands up and cupped his mouth, "Shut up, now." Almost immediately everyone quieted. The two guards then proceeded to question everyone in their cells, one taking the right side the other taking the left side.

They were only three cells down, two to go before the guard would approach their cell. Not knowing where to hide the keys, Keith temporally put them in his armpit. He would find a better spot latter, but for now it would have to do.

"You, there." The guard was pointing at Keith. It was the one who had told everyone to shut up.

Deciding that it was best if he cooperated and not show disdain on his face, he replied with eyes down, "Yes, sir."

The guard studied the young man who stood before him with interest. Unlike most prisoners, who had pleaded to be set free or yelled out their innocence. This young man with jet-black hair and eyes of cobalt blue had sat on his bed barely moving about since he had been brought in. "I saw that she stopped by your cell longer than any other. Did she say anything or give you anything?"

I can't believe that he is actually thinking I would give anything to him, or tell him anything. What an idiot. Keith was saying to himself. Then to the guards face he said with no emotion, "Well, sir. She asked if I knew which way was the way out of here. She also pleaded with me to help her escape."

"And did she tell you anything else? Like about what you need to do to get out of here? Or if you would hide anything for her?"

"No, sir. After she asked me the questions, my reply to her was simple. Why, what is the point? It's so much better in here then out on the streets." Keith eyed to guard, "Besides the guards are our masters, we wouldn't want them to worry about us on the streets alone." He tried to look convincing, but it wasn't easy. The hardest part of talking to the guard was keeping a straight face and the sarcasms out of his voice.

The guard took a closer look at the young mans face, trying to see if he told the truth. "If you lie scum…." He left the threat hanging in the air as he walked away.

"That was a close call Keith. Your lucky you didn't join your friend." Troy said next to him. "What are you going to do now? Your friend is in trouble; the other one is still missing. The twins that you've told me about are on the outside. It seems to me that you're a little overwhelmed."

Keith left the bars to sit down on his bunk that was under Troy's'. He let out a long sigh and rubbed his hand that still stung. "I don't know what to do. Rasha has always done really stupid things without thinking of the consequences. This time she has really let the kettle boil and may get her killed. Time is not on our side; she and Don may already be dead for all I know. I'm still in shock trying to figure out if what Rasha did was either stupid or brave."

Troy put a comforting hand on Keith's shoulder. "What your friend did was probably for the best. I've seen, first hand, what they do to the prisoners especially women and most of the time it isn't close to pretty."

"How long have you been here?"

"Before I was a prisoner, I worked as a camp doctor." Seeing Keith starting to get upset he hurriedly defended himself. "It wasn't my choice. Growing up in a poor family I could not afford to go to medical school so I joined the order. They paid for my college expense and sent me here, to the camps, after graduation."

With a dangerous growl in his voice, quietly he asked, "What I really want to know is how the hell does a camp doctor end up with the prisoners. It had better be good otherwise the camps will have a new patient to look after."

"I fell in love with a Generals wife. He came home early one evening and caught me in a compromising position with his wife and banished me to this place. The worst part of the whole ordeal is they wouldn't let me have my glasses. Without them I can hardly see two feet in front of my face."

Like a light coming on Keith smiled for the first time in days, "Without your glasses, can find your way out of here?"

"Somewhat, I don't know these passage ways that well. Although once I reach the medical areas, there are ways we can escape unknown."

"This solves my problem. You're going to be my guide out of this place with Rasha and Don. When's the best time to leave?"