17th of January, 2006

It's in the wide open space, isn't it, that the strange things happen? You open up to the sky and find a bird there; flight alongside that bird just feels right, like that little patch of fat blue sky is the whole universe.

Then you hit the ground again, and the bird stays up there, and all you can do is walk away and hope the bird finds its way to your next patch of fat blue sky.

RR03, Wings in KI.

TOOL – The Grudge

What is an honest gift, if not the giving of a secret of one's own? What can be called true, if not the self, told to another?

RR03, at Liberty to say what I want, when I want.

TOOL – Eon Blue Apocalypse

The Abdication

A stranger becomes a friend, and the world is indifferent while the beach sand cares deeply. The wind persuades the puppet to fly, and the night hides those who seek none-know-what. The day breaks reluctantly as wind and waves conspire to rend kind strangers apart once more, giving life to cold silence. This villain of shadows atrophies the beginning of friendship. The night's silver tears fall and bathe the sands that dared to hope.

RR03, Seer and Friend to KI.

TOOL – The Patient

Waves besiege a stone fortress, whose seals will not break even in the strongest attack, as a bronze Colossus gazes enraptured upon the scene.

RR03, Marvelling at the majesty of KI.

TOOL – Mantra