Suffocation in my own Room

- Guiltless Ingenuity

These four walls. Nothing can go out of them. Nothing wants to go out of them… about me.

They're just there, silent as the grave, dead as a corpse.

Talk to me… please.

On your knees. Dead.

Your heart's stopped. Your brain is broken.

Asphyxiation. Choking in a superficial world. Drowning in a shallow society.

You know why you're there. You get it. You understand.

There's no one you can trust to tell. They're all out there. Not to get you. Just untrustworthy.

You can't believe what they say.

They tell you they won't say a word. Next day, everyone knows.

You know that. It's always like that. That always happens.

Because you do it too.

You're just like them. It's not you though. It's a façade. You know that.

Does everyone else?