Those Sparkling Sapphire Eyes

Way back when I was just a little kid

I used to live the shitty life no one expected me to have

Every day was a hellish nightmare

Life didn't seem to matter anymore

All I wanted was a little love

That's when I met you

When I first laid my eyes on you I had the strangest feeling

A warmth creeped up into my bones and I wanted to be with you

Our eyes met and your pretty blue eyes sparkled

I wanted your touch…your love

Each day stepping closer to a new level

Our bond growing ever stronger as we held fast to each other

Those three words you uttered sent my heart a flutter

How could something so wonderful happen to me?

Laying in your arms I wonder how we got this far

How you seemed to come when I needed love most

Like a God send you were there

And each night I thank the stars for all we have shared

Dedicated to Shuichi & Ryuichi from Gravitation