HEY! I'm back to bring more Daisuke and Keichii cuteness! HA! I could never stop writing about these two! Well this is pretty much the prologue to the sequel! So it will be covering some things that I need to tell ya guys. Also when Keichii bit Dai-chan he got eternal life & youth soo Dai will still look like a 16-year-old, but he will age. I don't want Daisuke to ever grow up cuz he's so intensely adorable! Anyway enough of my rambling oh also me and some of my friends will make some more appearances in here! XD hehe…Enjoy!

Forever Love Prologue

We come to two boys sleeping contently together in a vampire cave. One of them is a neko-jin while the other one is vampire. Yea you guessed it. It was Daisuke and Keichii! Daisuke was now 19, but he still looked the same except for the fact that he got a tiny bit taller. Keichii's bite gave him eternal life and youth. We had last left them at their wedding night (after a hot, intense, and sexy lemon XD) Daisuke stirred blinking his adorable emerald eyes as he looked up at his lover.

I can't believe its been four years since Keichii and I have been together!Daisuke thought smiling at the sleeping vampire. He placed a chaste kiss on his lover's lips and thought, Who knew we could get this far.


Yea well I will start writing my sequel this was just warming up for it Anyway stay tuned! JA!