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Forever Love

Chapter 2 Dishonesty is Never A Good Thing

Daisuke had taken care of Keichii's fever for about 4 days then it suddenly disappeared leaving Keichii as though he had never been sick in the first place. Daisuke now had a part-time job at their local bookstore. He had also met a very frequent customer who was nice and friendly.

"Hey you must be new? My name's Ishii Harata." The man said. He was about Daisuke age maybe one year younger though and he was quite cute in everybody's opinion. Of course Daisuke didn't pay attention to that since he only had eyes for Keichii.

"Oh! Uh nice to meet you! I'm Daisuke Iwasaki." Daisuke replied bowing slightly. The two smiled at each other and began talking until it was Daisuke's break.

"So where do you usually go for your break?" Ishii asked. Daisuke pointed down at the food court and replied, "Well I usually go down there to eat and look around. Most of the time I see my friends there too." As his eyes scanned the crowd he spotted someone familiar.

"Oh! I found one of my friends! Come with me and I'll introduce you to him!" Daisuke said enthusiastically. He pulled Ishii's arm gently as they went down the escalator and jogged up to the man.

"Oi Kei!" Daisuke called as the man turned around. Kei smiled at Daisuke waving and he replied, "Hey Dai! Long time no see, huh?" The two walked up and Kei offered them a seat.

"Oh Kei this is my new friend, Ishii Harata." Daisuke said as he nodded towards Ishii, who was sitting next to him. Kei smiled at him as they shook hands introducing themselves. A girl came up with a bag in her hand and she looked a little surprised when she saw the two other men at her table.

"Kei, darling, do you know these two?" The girl asked. Kei smiled at her and replied, "Yes, you remember me telling you about Daisuke? Well this is him." He motioned towards Daisuke who smiled and bowed.

"Oh I see! Hello I'm Suki Tetsuya, Kei's girlfriend." She replied bowing a bit as well. Daisuke's eyes widened slightly and he exclaimed, "Wow! You're the same girl Kei was dating back in high school!" Suki smiled at Daisuke nodding her head as she sat beside Kei.

"Yes, and you're the one who has a vampire for a lover. Kei has told me all about you and Keichii. I think you two are very sweet together." Suki replied smiling. They all chatted as Daisuke told them he was going to go get his manga published today. Once his break was over they all parted and went back to their tasks.

Keichii's POV

I hadn't seen Daisuke that much because he was either at work, hanging out with his new friend, or working on his manga. Our lack of time together was really starting to take a toll on me as I began to feel lonely and depressed. Daisuke had told me about his new friend, Ishii, I think was what his name was. I had this odd feeling though…this Ishii guy didn't seem very trustworthy to me at all.

Dai-chan's POV

I sat in the food court with Ishii while the two of us chatted. I frequently told him about Keichii and it made me happy that he accepted me being gay.

"I haven't got to see Keichii in a while though. It almost feels as though he's avoiding me." I said as I let out a sigh. Ishii shrugged and replied, "Maybe he's hiding something from you." I looked at him cocking my head in confusion and asked, "Hiding? What would Keichii hide from me?" Ishii shrugged again shaking his head a bit.

"Who knows? He might be avoiding you because he's done something wrong." Ishii said as he ate his food slowly. That didn't sound right…Keichii doesn't usually keep secrets from me. I would be able to tell if he was keeping anything from me.

"Maybe he's having an affair with someone else? A lot of people do that when they get tired of their previous lover." Ishii suggested. When I heard that I immediately protested, "No way! Keichii would never do that! He loves me why would he cheat on me if we're…well sorta married!" Ishii stared at me with concern and he looked down at his food.

"Oh Daisuke…I'm sorry." He said in such a sad voice that I felt the urge to hug him. I placed my hand on his arm in a comforting way and asked, "Why're you sorry? Its okay." Ishii looked up at me with tears in his eyes and he let out a sniffle.

"I-I…I didn't want to tell you, but…the day you had taken me over to your place…Keichii he…" Ishii stammered as tears slid down his cheeks. I stared at him listening to every word he said and I nodded allowing him to continue.

"Keichii well he…he started flirting with me. He threatened me that if I told you or anyone else that he would hurt me. He also bragged about how he was having an affair with Yoshimi behind your back." Ishii sobbed. My face paled and I sat there horrified. It…it can't be?

Normal POV

Keichii sat on his bed thinking about his neko-jin. He missed Daisuke a lot and wished that he and Daisuke could have some time alone. Daisuke came home late every night and he was always so tired that he fell right to sleep.

"I miss my Dai-chan." Keichii muttered.

"Keichii? I'm going out to eat will you tell Kentaro that just incase he gets back before I do?" Yoshimi asked as she walked into the room. Keichii looked up at her and nodded. She smiled and turned to leave but tripped over the many cracks in the ground (so much for being graceful ) and Keichii immediately lunged forwards trying to help her regain her balance. But as fate would have it Keichii fell as well and the two were left in a very awkward position. They heard a gasp and the two looked over to see Daisuke standing there with a horrified look on his face.

"S-So…its true!" Daisuke sobbed as tears began flowing down flushed cheeks. Keichii and Yoshimi got off each other and tried to calm Daisuke down.

"Dai it's not what it looks like! Trust me!" Keichii said as he came towards Daisuke. Yoshimi tried stepping towards him but Daisuke lashed out making her step back.

"I thought you loved me!" Daisuke shouted. Keichii stood there in shock and said, "Daisuke…I would never lie to you." Daisuke glared at him and snapped, "How will I ever know that? Maybe everything you've ever said to me is a lie!" Keichii's face fell as tears sprang to his eyes and he reached out to Daisuke bending down to his level.

"Daisuke…" He said softly hurt and concern plainly showing in his voice. Daisuke cried out and slapped Keichii's cheek hard then he turned and ran. Keichii was appalled…Daisuke had never hurt him this way before…who or what had made Daisuke act like this?

The two fought for 4 weeks and they spent endless hours crying or yelling. Daisuke stayed at his parents house since he had told them what had happened. With each passing day though their anger grew less and their loneliness grew more. Finally Daisuke decided to go see Keichii and straighten things out. He was tired of crying, being mad, and having the feeling of something very precious being taken away from you. So he gathered up all of his courage and marched to the cave.

Dai-chan's POV

I stepped inside the cave and went right to the bedroom where I found Keichii. He was lying on his side his back facing me.

"Keichii…tell me what really happened." I said. Keichii sat up letting out a sigh. I had to admit I was sure Keichii would yell at me and just throw me out but all he did was pat the spot next to him. I sat down allowing Keichii to explain the accident he and Yoshimi had gotten into and why it had looked like that when I had walked in. I finally understood and I cursed myself for being so stupid.

"I guess all of Ishii's talk about you being a cheater got to me. It scared me to think that you might be in love with someone else." I said as I stared down at the ground. I frowned tears coming to my eyes as I replied, "I'm such an idiot!" I smacked my palm against my forehead and growled at my stupidity.

"You're not an idiot." Keichii said softly. I looked over at him and his eyes met mine making my heart want to split when I saw his sad and hurt look.

"Daisuke…I love you and only you. No one can capture my heart like you did Dai-chan." Keichii whispered as he placed his hands on my cheeks. I blushed and smiled gently up at him.

"I'm sorry Keichii." I said as I leaned up kissing his lips softly. Keichii smiled and nuzzled his cheek against mine then licked my cheek tenderly.

"I love you Keichii." I replied closing my eyes.

Normal POV

As the two boys gazed into each other's eyes an urge swelled inside both of their chests as they kissed again. Clothing came off in a flash as Keichii pinned Daisuke to the bed licking his neck sucking the skin lightly. Daisuke let out a loud moan his length was already hardening from all the repressed passion. Keichii felt the same way and he quickly kissed his way down Daisuke's chest. The need for release was growing as both boys moaned and pulled each other closer. Keichii smiled stroking Daisuke's hard shaft with his delicate fingers.

"God…Keichii! Please don't tease me…" Daisuke groaned as he panted. Keichii smiled then completely swallowed Daisuke's beating member to the hilt. Daisuke let out a yelp burying his hands in Keichii's hair. Keichii sucked and bobbed his head up and down. His teeth scraping over the soft skin of his lover as Daisuke let out a loud cry and came inside Keichii's mouth. Once Keichii had licked his neko clean he pulled him into a kiss and grabbed some lube (duh they're always gonna have that! XD) He spread it onto his fingers then gently probed Daisuke's entrance. Daisuke broke the kiss throwing his head back in bliss as he moaned.

"Keep going." He said huskily. Keichii nodded and continued until he had spread Daisuke wide enough then he removed his fingers. He sat up and coated his stiff length with the lube then he spread Daisuke's legs apart and positioned himself. Keichii gently slid inside, from experience (haha well fucking Daisuke a lot XP) he knew exactly how to enter.

"Keichii!" Daisuke cried. Keichii moaned his lover's name and thrust in and out. He grabbed Daisuke's length pumping it in the same time as his thrust. Daisuke came quickly and Keichii cried out releasing his warm seed all over his lover's insides. Keichii kissed Daisuke's lips softly and they cuddled up together holding each other securely.

"I love you Daisuke…" Keichii whispered as they fell asleep.


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