encases you like a soft dream

The idea before you

seems so perfect

so irreplaceable

so right

You live in this dream

oblivious to all else that moves

believing with all your heart and soul

that this is the way things were meant to be

And will always be




all fill you

and you rejoice that finally


things are going your way

But then the dream shakes

The very ground shudders under the

tension that you never even realised existed

The tension caused by a will to fight off the truth

to deny something's place in the world


all is revealed

What was once so perfect

now is shown as ugly

as a fa├žade put on to reap personal gain

No longer

is peace and joy felt

only mistrust and a sense of betrayal

The soft dream that had carefully encased you


and you are left to face

the harsh reality that is the world unmasked