Light in the Darkness

Alone I stand in front of the sea of tranquility
Watching the calm waves brush against the shore
I stare into the cerulean waters that loom ahead
The sound of water splashing, engulfing me within
Enchanted by the blue abyss, my mind wanders away
To a destination only present in the land of dreams


A concerto opens with the cries of the living
Only to abruptly change into the requiem of doom
Screeches and screams fill the world with music
Only to end in death, the endless silence


A lonely child in front of a scarlet sea
Eyes twinkling against the darkness of the clouds
Below him lies small azure diamonds of salty tears
Yet his faces lights up with a smile brighter than the stars


My wandering mind returns from its odyssey
The answer to my questions remaining unanswered
Dropping the cold, sharp knife unto the sand below
I walk away from my shadow towards the setting sun
I embrace the last remaining rays of light
And with it, live in the darkness that is lifeā€¦