Title: Alice In Dreamland

Chapter One

Slowly, reluctantly, Hannah's heavy eyelids spread open, and was momentarily confused from the sunlight greeting her naked eyes. Wait just a second…isn't it winter? And wasn't it raining? How long have I been asleep? Her thoughts floated slowly, sharpening like a limb that had fallen asleep with a tingling sensation of warmth and comfort. And then, the realization that she was laying on not a bed, but soft grass of sorts sprung her into full conciousness. And as she inspected her surroundings, a strong wave of shock waved over every fiber of her being: She was lying in a beautiful forest…naked!

"Agh! What the hell is going on here?" Her voice, no longer hoarse but completely pristine echoed within the velvety green woodland, and like a puppy afraid of her own shadow, she scrambled her way into the considerably large bush beside her, breathing heavily and searching the forest frantically, as if some strange beast would suddenly come after her. Her heart was pounding furiously, thoughts now whipping past in all directions of her mind. Where was she, and how did she get here? Was she dreaming…oh, that must be it! She told herself this, not-so-confidently, and comically pinched herself to see if she was dreaming. But alas, to no avail, when she opened her eyes again, she was still there.

There has got to be some explanation…She peeked over the top of the scratchy, irritating bush and surveyed the rest of the area. …It seemed there was no one there- in the green moss and grass-covered woods, and the forest itself didn't look very old. In fact…this forest must be in it priming years by now. But, there's no place like that in Tokyo, now that I think about it…Suddenly, her ears perked at attention as a distant voice floated by.

"…Get stuck with all the boring jobs!" She ducked back into the bush at the sound of the deep, masculine voice. As it did, a higher, feminine voice joined in.

"Oh, Brandt, stop complaining. Soon, you'll be crowned prince of oldest brother's kingdom, and you won't have to put up with older sister's petty training!" When Hannah heard this, her heart leapt. Brandt, her older brother? Now that she thought about it, the man's voice did sound a bit like him. Whatever the situation, he must be there!

"Brandt! Brandt, can you hear me?" She shouted as loud as she could, hoping he would soon come into view and make sure it was him. There was silence, and then the masculine voice called back. "Hannelah? Hannelah, is that you?" The name struck as odd; he hadn't called her by her full name since she was little- but never the less, she answered back happily.

"Yeah, it's me! Hurry up- I don't know what's going on or how I got here…or why I'm naked!" She could hear little pats of footsteps on the ground; followed by some rustling and suddenly, she could barely make out the tall figure through the bush.

Popping back out over the top of her hiding place, her eyes widened so much, they were nearly popping out of their sockets.



He looked like her brother…with long raven hair and gold and green silk robes, instead of his normal short hair, sweatshirt, work jeans and boots. The young girl beside him, in a matching set of robes, had her sister's coal-gray, black-lined eyes, and the same Irish-red hair the Leroux women possessed!

"Um…Brandt, Allison…why do you look…like that? How did we get here…and what's going on?" Her two siblings simply stood, and gawked at her like she was an alien! She poked out the top of the bush a bit further, raising her eyebrows, and losing her patience.

"You guys…if this is some kind of joke, stop it now! How could you even think of doing something like this?" Forgetting that she was naked, she stood abruptly, and her siblings gaped at her, or more pointedly at her stomach.

"Sister, what happened to-" A sharp, harsh voice interrupted them.

"Brandt, Alicia- what's taking so long?" There was the clomping and neighing of a horse, and before the three startled beings appeared a large black stallion, carrying a beautiful raven-haired woman in similar blue-silk clothing, and her fierce gaze on her pale face suddenly scared Hannah, who shrunk back into the bush.

However, the newcomer's reaction was quiet the opposite.

(A/N: Okay, sorry about this, but I got writers block when I came to this point- and besides, I'm just messing around with this story first, so it's not officially going to continue. Anyway, I should have updated this be 1/20/06.)