I woke up sometime later, my mom sitting in a seat studying an Organic Chemistry book. I would've rolled my eyes, if it had been another time.

But it wasn't. So I didn't.

She glanced up at me, and placed the book on the floor next to her.

"Hey," I cleared my throat, "we need to talk." She nodded.

"Yes, we do." I waited a moment, and she rubbed her eyes, biting her lip. "Forest told me that…well, that he told you the truth. I don't know exactly what he told you, but I'll tell you my version. The actual truth."

I brushed my bangs out of eyes, and nodded. "Sounds good to me."

"Your father…"She started, then sighed. "Your father loved all of us, very much. Make no mistake about that. His work had him leaving home all the time, stressed and irritable. I thought we could work through it. You might not have known, but we went to counseling, for quite some time. I thought…well, I thought it was working out. It wasn't." She sighed again. "He started on some anti-depressants. He rarely ate dinner at home, he hardly slept. I should have seen it coming. He did kill himself. But not like you would imagine it to be."

I choked on air. It seems impossible, and yeah, maybe I'm just special and can do things like choking on air, but I did. Choke on air, I mean.

Sucking in breath, I waved off her concerned glance, and motioned her to continue.

"He took too many pills, and I rushed him to the hospital." My mom looked around, and smiled sadly. "Here, actually. They pumped his stomach, and everything was okay. Except…well, he got a hold of some type of medicine, and overdosed on it. Doctors couldn't do anything, and it was too late. He died that night. We thought it was best to tell you he had cancer, it seemed easier to accept then to explain why he took his own life. We were planning to tell you, when you were old enough to handle it." I started to tear up, and wiped at my eye furiously.

"Why did…" I took a shaky breath, "Why did Forest say it was my fault?" My mom's face fell.

"Oh, baby," She began, sitting up and leaning over to take my hand, "it was never your fault. Ever. Forest…he just wanted someone to blame. He first blamed your father, and then blamed himself. He now wants to blame you. It's never your fault. It never has been." My mom smiled, and brought me into a hug. I hugged her back. Burying my face into her neck, I started to cry.

She rubbed my back consolingly, and then pulled away. "The doctors said you could come home today." I smiled slightly, still trying to mull over the information.

I had already coped with my father's death. I was, in a sense, over it. I mean, I would never have guessed him to have killed himself, because he was always so happy with me. But I'm okay with him being dead now.

"Is…" I coughed again. "Is Andrew here?" My mom shook her head.

"No, he went home to take a shower. He said he'd be back." I nodded. My mom sat back down, and picked up her book again. "We'll leave around three, that sound okay?" I nodded again.

"Sounds perfect." I picked up the raunchy romance novel I was reading earlier, and submersed myself in their lives.

Hey, their lives are so much better then mine.


My mom had gone home with Forest, telling me he needed to be taken care of before she picked me back up.

Andrew came back about half an hour after she had left. I smiled when I saw him, a warm feeling spread through me.

He looked refreshed and a lot happier then I had seen him before. I was glad, Andrew didn't deserve that. His dirty blonde hair was hanging down by his ears, and his blue eyes shined way brighter then I remembered. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans (possibly girl jeans, who knows?), and a plain white t-shirt.

"So," I began, putting down the current book I was reading (this one happens to be about a vampire falling in love with a human girl…also raunchy), "how would you define love?"

Andrew blinked at me in surprise. "Oh." He made his way to my bedside, and I shifted so I was sitting up, and had my legs crossed beneath me. Criss-cross apple sauce style. "Um…" I love his voice. It reminded me of a cross between the lead singer of Panic! At the Disco, and the lead singer of Plain White T's. I know that sounds way too cheesy or something, but seriously. Andrew had the voice.

"I don't know where to begin. Love is something that when you discover it, and you accept it, then it tilts your world upside down." He fiddled with his hands, and I stared at him intently. "Love is like…like when you're really cold, and someone hands you a jacket. Love is when you find that nothing in your heart is out of place, and nothing could be more right then having that person in your arms." He flushed.

I paused for a second. "Yeah," I said softly, "I think so too." He looked up at me, studying my face intently, before his gaze landed on my lips. My cheeks started to burn, and pulse went crazy.

Before I could register anything, I was leaning back, and he was leaning over me, with his hands on either side of my head. I smiled, maybe to myself, maybe to him, but he smiled back. Then I took my unbroken arm, and curled my hand around his neck and brought his mouth closer to me.

His lips pressed against mine very softly, and I was quickly reminded of how it was at the party. I kissed him back impatiently, trying to bring him closer to me. He was restraining himself, I could tell.

I fixed my broken arm so it fell against his back, making him fall on to the bed with me. He broke off the kiss, giving me a stern look. I rolled my eyes, and went to kiss him again. He had no complaints.

His lips were warm against mine, and I practically melted against him. My arms went back around his neck, and he practically lifted me off the bed to press himself closer to me. He broke off the kiss for a second, and I started to protest. Andrew worked his way down my neck, giving the sensitive skin there a lick. I was glad he steered clear of the other side, where a bright and ugly bruise had appeared.

Suddenly my body felt a lot better, and I had a feeling it was Andrew's doing.

"Hey!" A voice called out harshly. Andrew sprung away from me, and threw himself into the chair next to me. I looked up, and my neck started to heat up. The nurse (the one that had lent me the books) was standing there with her hands on her hips.

"You aren't supposed to do that, young man." Her fierce gaze was on him, and he rubbed the back of his neck.

Geez, you'd think she would have been sympathetic. I mean, she reads all these romance novels, maybe she'd have a soft spot of teenage romance.

I guess not.

Andrew was blushing now too, "I'm sorry, ma'am. Won't happen again." She nodded, satisfied.

"Good." She eyed me uncertainly, but turned around and walked back out. I almost sighed in relief.

I now noticed the pain was mostly gone. Maybe from the sleep; maybe from the drugs. Either way, my body didn't feel like it had been hit by a truck.

Er. You know what I mean.

I smiled contentedly at Andrew, shifting over so I was facing him. "I'm coming home at three, just so you know."

He bit his lip, and it kind of made me want to bite it too. I flushed again from thinking it, and he quirked his eyebrow.

"Nothing." I told him quickly before he could even ask. He just smirked at me, as if knowing what I was thinking about.

There was a silence for awhile. Not exactly an awkward one, but just one of those where you don't know what to say. I began to think of ways to make him come back over here and-

"I talked to Derek."

maybe get him to kis-



My eyes got really big. "You did what?"

He nodded. "I wanted to know if he…well, if he…you know." I most certainly did know.


Andrew sighed, "He said he doesn't remember. He said he thought that he didn't, but since you were so scared of him that maybe he was wrong. Derek said that just fell asleep." He was staring at me intensely.

I waiting a couple seconds before grinning. "That's great news then!" I waited for his reaction, and then he nodded and smiled too.

"I know. I'm so glad he didn't…he didn't touch you." His gaze darkened. "I don't know what I would've done." This protective side is new.

New…but kind of hot. I mean, I'd like to say that I'm one of those feminists girls who hate it when a guy takes over…but that's not me at all. I mean, when a guy can do something really manly or whatever…I think that's incredibly attractive. Like being possessive (okay, not to a point where its like, 'stop stalking me, it's over', but like, 'hah, she's my girl you can't have her' kind of thing) or like protective (again, not like disgustingly like 'you must never see the light of day' whatever, but like 'you hurt her, I hurt you' type of deal).

Maybe it's just me.

So after this sort of thing I felt the need to touch him. Even if it was just like a handshake or something.

I crooked a finger at him, and motioned him to come over to me. He did, obediently (that's always nice), and sat beside me on the bed.

"Andrew," My voice was low, in a disgustingly turned-on/sexy way. I tried to cough, but I had a feeling it wouldn't work. Andrew had his gaze focused on me, and when I said his name his eyes sparkled. I tried again, "Andrew?" Damn.

I had a feeling it wouldn't work.

Before I could try again, he covered his mouth over mine, and kissed me almost hungrily. I responded happily, running my unbroken arm/hand into his hair. Like last time, he made an interesting sound. I smiled with a sense of female pride.

Before I could linger in this, his hand made his way up the night shirt they gave me. (Okay, it wasn't one of those one-piece-ties-in-the-back-and-exposes-your-butt things. It was the shirt and pant combination. Just for your information. Pfft. Perverts.)

(Okay, yeah, it would've been pretty awesome if I had one of those, but whatever. Not the point now.)

His hand had settled on my hip before grazing over my stomach. I sucked in out of habit, but he ignored me. His hand traveled higher, almost reaching the under wire of my bra. I gasped, and his tongue slid into my mouth stealthily.

A knock on the door had us flinging apart again.

"Flowers!" Andrew cursed as a plump lady brought in a cart of flowers. She had a small white receipt in her hands, and she squinted at the paper trying to read it.

I was still flushed from the intense (if I do say so myself) make out session, as the woman was unloading all the flowers.

"These are from…"The woman squinted a bit more, "Andrew Anderson. Enjoy!" She turned back around and left, dragging the cart behind her. It make squeaking noises that I heard up until she shut the door.

I glanced at all the flowers hiding a smile, before I looked back at Andrew. He was blushing and avoided looking at me.

"You got these for me?" He nodded, still not looking at me.

My heart practically melted into a small puddle on my lap. If I wasn't in love with him before, I was now. "Thank you." My voice was a digusting tone of softness.

He finally looked up at me, his bright blue eyes piercing. He shrugged though, "It was nothing" was all he had to say. It left me breathless how many colors of all the different flowers there were.

"This must have cost a lot of money." Flowers were not cheap. Andrew shrugged again.

"You're worth it."

Did you hear that guys? That little dripping sound? Oh, it's my heart. Melting. Yeah.

Tears almost came to me, but they didn't.

"I do love you Andrew." He nodded back at me, smiling. Andrew leaned over and pressed a kiss to my lips. I reveled in it.

"I do love you too." He was still leaning over me, and I could feel his breath against my lips.

"Everything's going to be okay now, right?" Andrew looked into my eyes intensely, before nodding.

"Everything is going to be perfect." And when he kissed me again, I knew that it would. My mood ring turned purple.


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