I don't need You

I hated being alone.

I needed someone to care.

Someone to take me home.

To comfort me, you never tried.

You would never look at me.

You just pushed me aside.

And now, years later, you tell me

that you did think of me all along.

But I don't need you now.

I've finally become strong.

Can you not see that I've

started to stand tall?

I don't need you. It's too late.

I won't ever fall.

Don't try to convince me

that I'm still weak.

I don't need you. I moved on

without you and I plan

to keep it that way too.

Yes, I am still haunted by the past.

And I still recall the looks you gave me.

But don't worry about me.

I've grown strong at last.

Stop trying to win over me.

I'll never forgive you, don't you see?

These scars will forever stay.

But not you. You can just be

yourself and go away.