…then ever thing went dark.

When Molly woke up she did a small mental checklist. 'All ten fingers?' She looked down at her hands and wiggled each finger. 'Check' 'Nothing broken Molly stood up and tested her weight on each foot. To tell the truth she had never felt better in her life. Glad that she was done with her self-examination she looked around the room. It was about the size of a large closet the walls were painted pale lavender. The bed sheets were a periwinkle blue and there was a simple lamp on the bedside table. Molly then walked to the door checking if it was locked the redhead gave a small gasp of surprise when the door pretty much swung open before she even touched it. Shrugging her shoulders Molly walked out into the hallway.

"Glad to see you're finally awake." At the sudden sound Molly jumped at least three feet into the air. Hanging from one of the lights she looked down to see a young women, but something seemed off about her 'Maybe it's the fact she has a tail and ears of a wolf.'

"Sorry but you startled me." Molly said dropping from the ceiling waiting for the floor to meet her bottom luckily all that she felt when she hit the ground was a strange feeling going through her legs. It kind of felt like she had just jumped in to a pool of lime jell-o. Molly looked down at her legs, which were now dangling over a rather surprised witch, but that's not important. Well it took Molly about three seconds to panic. "My legs are missing!" she yelled with fear.

"Calm down Clam down," the silver haired women said soothingly. As molly calmed down she took out a couple of deep breaths.

"What's happing to me?" she asked with a slight hit of confusion in her voice.

"You really are new here aren't you?" the women said and her ears flicked. "You see what happened is well to put it plainly your dead.

"I'm what?"


"I can't be dead."

"Oh and why not"

"Because If I am dead then I would be in a coffin or in paradise." Molly said. And she turned to stare at the cream colored wall Repeating over and over again, "I'm not dead. I'm not dead."

The women smiled sadly and said, "If you need me my name is Allah"

Molly looked up startled and headedback to her room. "That can't be…it just can't be her she died three years ago."

The days past and Molly was now used to the feeling of being well dead decided to see what lay behind the walls of this place. Wandering the corridors the now pale redhead ghost saw a glowing red sign reading Exit. Putting her hands against the door Molly pushed on it and fell right through. Blinking for a few seconds Molly eagerly looked around. The streets were filled with people who looked like they had just stepped out of an old horror movie or decide that Halloween was the permit holiday. As Molly walked into the crowed she caught a glimpse of her self in the reflection of a store window. She was wearing the same too big blue sweater and some old black jeans but now the color had faded so much it was hard to tell that the sweater was blue and the jeans were black. Her once vibrant fiery red hair was now a pale almost orange color and her skin an ashen gray. Molly's eyes widened as her hand trembled to touch the image. "That can't be me," she said her voice trembling. "It just can't be." Composing her-self Molly started back towards the hospital. Well at least that's what the building was like to her. A few feet before Molly got to her room she ran into Allah. Knocking some packages out of the woman's hands. "Sorry." Molly said as she bent down to help pick up the parcels.

Allah waved her off and said "I'm glade to see your adjusting to everything well enough."

"Yeah…" Molly said trailing off. "So what's in these things?" the red head asked suddenly changing the subject.

"Nothing too interesting. Just some old relics and a few coffins."

"Coffins" molly asked as her eyes widened slightly.

Allah rolled her eyes "yes coffins for some reason vampires hate the softness of a regular bed. Says it makes them remember being burred or something." The wolf like female started off then turned around. "Oh yes have to tell you something."

"What?" Molly asked slightly nervous of what the woman was going to say.

"You will be discharged soon."


Sensing her young patient was confused Allah started to explain, "Discharge is when you are put back into the world. Unfortunately you don't seem to have any relatives on this side of therelm so you will probable be sent to a boarding school or a home."

"Well how long do I have?"

"About a week"