By the time Molly and Nana got back to the classroom it was almost time to go to the second class. But still almost everyone crowed around Molly eager to see her familiar.

"Wow I can't believe you got a fox." One girl said.

Molly gave a small blush and asked, "What's so astounding about that?"

"Well for some reason most people feel that fox familiars are very untrustworthy.

Is that really true? Molly thought to her companion.

Of course not! I mean you play a few pranks and every one thinks your evil. Nana thought back.

Err we should stop think speaking.


Molly gave a mind glare at her familiar.

Just then Molly was brought back to the world. "Molly hey Molly say some thing." Was the first thing she heard. Rena was shaking the shorter girl.

"I'm fine" Molly insisted as she stood up. Noticing that her wolfish friend was staring at her "What's wrong?" she asked.

"You just kind of blanked out." Rena said.

"Blanked out?"

"You weren't moving or responding even after Mimi climbed in to your hair," said Kelly who was now holding the said spider.

"Oh," said Molly faintly then suddenly she realized just what Kelly had said. "You mean that that that," Molly was unable to continue due to disgust.

"Hey don't be so rude." Kelly said anger seeping into her normally calm voice.

"Sorry I just don't like spiders." At that word the redhead gave a shudder.

The rest of the classes went with out incident and soon it was time for lunch. The lunchroom was most likely the biggest room in the entire school. Molly Kelly and Rena were all sitting together at one of the tables in the cafeteria. Kelly was feeding her lunch to Mimi her spider and Rena was currently aiming a glob of it at Sahara. Molly on the other hand was poking the greenish gray slop of food with a spoon and gave a small gasp of surprise when it gave a slurp devouring her only utensil. "Rena are you positive this stuff is edible?" she asked after it gave a burp.

"Shush I'm about to make miss high and mighty take a face full of whatever this is." Rena said as she pulled back her Spork. The glob of flew beautifully and hit right on target the mysterious substance landed smack into Sahara's face. "Yes!" Rena shouted and the entire cafeteria turned to look at her. Turning red the wolfish teen slid beneath the table.

Sensing that her new friend was embarrassed Molly suddenly stood up and shouted.

"Hey is that Gregory Moai?" The entire student body turned around and the three friends snuck out into the hall and they all collapsed into giggles. The rest of the day however was dull and boring but soon enough they were all in Rena and Molly's dorm.

"Dose anyone get this stuff?" the transparent teen asked gesturing to the large pile of spelling homework she had gotten.

"Don't worry" Kelly said "it's pretty simple once you bond with your familiar"

"And a familiar is what exactly?" Molly asked confusion written on her face.

"A familiar is an animal that you form a spiritual bond with." Kelly explained, "Mimi is my familiar for example"

"What's your familiar Rena?" Molly asked.

Rena gave a two-finger whistle and a small bluish black bird came fluttering in and landed on the werewolf's shoulder. After closer inspection Molly saw that the bird seemed to have small teeth in its bill. "This is Moki" Rena said seeing her two friends struggling to keep from laughing continued with an annoyed "What I was six when I named him.

"Didn't he already have a name?" Molly asked scratching Nana behind the ears.

Rena gave a shrug and replied " Maybe but I can't really ask him now can I?"

"Why not Nana told me her name?" That one phrase caused both Rena and Kelly to look at the redhead in shock.

"She told you her name." Kelly managed to choke out.

Slightly annoyed Molly replied "Yes she told me her name what's so surprising about that."

"Well not many people can communicate with there familiars."

"What about that bond?" Molly asked

"We can only talk to them by relaying emotions or pictures to each other." Rena said slumped over on the bed. After the two girls helped Molly with the work they had to do Kelly went back to her own dorm and Rena and Molly went to sleep.