Lonesome Girl

Lonesome Girl,
She just doesn't belong
(oh whoa oh)
Lonesome girl,
No one has done her wrong.
(It would be easier if they had.)
Little Lonesome girl,
Is drifting apart from what she's known.
My sweet Lonesome girl,
Can't feel her heart for it's cast in stone.
But she's okay,
Perhaps she's better off this way.

Lonesome girl trust her friends as best she can,
But she refuses, to tail their dead-end plans.
They live life for the moment but have no place to go –
Little Lonesome girl needs something she can hold.

It pains her to watch them drift away,
But she realizes, she doesn't want to stay.
She lives life in a direction they can never go –
Lonesome girls wants achievements she can show.

Lonesome girl,
She just doesn't belong.
Lonesome girl,
Is just a little too strong.
For misery loves company
And she's not the company they want.
But she's okay,
Perhaps she's better off this way.
Everyone is better off this way.
(Oh, better off this way.)

I love this song and wish there was someone I could sing it to. CHRISTY! You must suffer my vocal abilities next time I see you!