The mountain had been there at the front of the village since the beginning of time. The
people had come to accept it, even ignore it, like the rain that fell every summer, and the
moon's cycles.
Until the day it began to smoke.
A small shepherd boy ran down through the foothills screaming hysterically that
the mountain was alive, it was trying to talk to the village, but he couldn't understand.
His mother shut him up before he caused the elderly to faint, but the village people
gathered together anyway. The whole lot of them staring at the formidable peak, and the
black cloud that was beginning to roll from the sky down to the village huts.
The sky seemed to rip apart with a glowing vermilion liquid, and it began sliding
down the mountainside. It was almost poetic.
The people stood dumbstruck staring at this foreign sight until a child let out a
wild cry and made a dash through the village, stumbling and screaming to get out of
harms way.
The elders could not seem to look away from the flames, but slowly backed away
with quickened steps as they realized the infinite danger they were in. As soon as their
steps became quickened, a strange smell came to their noses. The huts of the village
were burning, and the scarlet lava continued on towards the masses led by the tiny girl.
Her name was Laila, an herb picker for the village. She worked in the fields, and
new the areas surrounding the village better than anyone else. She urged the people to
hurry, and pressed on towards the wood in the valley. The masses ran through the
flowered fields as the bright noonday sun managed to shine down in shafts through the
ominous ashes. Laila was beginning to get a stitch in her side, and instructed her soul-
friend Kora to lead the people to safety.
As she slowed to a walk, Laila looked back at the molten substance that had come
through their small village like it was nothing but grass. All her life, all her village's
history was gone. And the people would be taken too if they did not hurry.
The sun was still glowing mockingly and the birds had found something to sing
about. Laila began to run again, but could not seem to catch her breath. The ash in the
air was too thick to supply her with breath. She jumped as an explosion sounded behind
her, the mountain was erupting again, and sending a new flow of lava down it's side.
She tried to scream Run! but only coughed. No one heard her. She tried to run,
and she felt the heat from the lava rushing behind her. She could no longer see the
people. She took one step... two... and landed wrong on a rock. The heat was
unbearable, and all she could hear was her people rejoicing deep in the valley that they
were safe.
She was too late to warn them.