milk fed baby blues

She's crossbred between the yellow light of her car crash

and the malice of her self-liberation. I really am a lot like

her underneath it all. Milk fed baby blues that she kisses

underneath the slipknots of her promises. She's a beautifully

disturbing creation. Beautifully look-a-likable. You see her

and she thinks you can see her hurt - she's tattooed with it's

thorny fingertips. Making love to those milk fed baby blues -

suckled love-lorn. Weave and spin her - she's done it all before

and I'm so much like her because nothings new to me. She

calls the light bastard - it lied - she screams - it lied to me

and all of those milk fed baby blues burning with rage. The

untruthful society that she flies her flag in is something new

to her infant conception. She doesn't have much to back

herself up with - just the fact that those milk fed baby blues

are still burning for something (underneath the yellow light.)