Winter Woods

Wintry woods, a frozen desert

Secrets hidden in every tree

The coldest carpet of purest white

The sky too gray for shadows of the past

Inside my heart, the winter woods

Empty and cold and so silent

Because the petrified sun ran away

The only love I had could never have stayed

Instead of anger, the once lively forest

Did not burn down but froze up

Not angry at the sun, only herself

Could have not been beautiful enough

For the sun to linger over her



And the green had faded to

The drabbest gray

Until it became so cold that

Everything was stripped away

And in the purest snow

She was only herself

In the end, truth was there

Like the one, pale green that stuck in the snow

Searching for the sun, just one ray of hope

Truth was there, in the end

Not cold nor worthless

Just wanting to be loved