Author's note:

CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD! Aliasa/Myila/Xantos Love plot revealed!

Andrea told me of a vague concept she had about the Myila, Aliasa, and Xantos love plot a long ways back. This is basically it. I'm sure it's probably nothing like Andrea imagined it, but this is my take on it. It's keeping me awake at night, so I'm going for it.

Kill My Body; My Soul is Gone

Myila stumbled through the forest. She knew it was dangerous; she knew it was stupid. She also didn't care. She could feel Sashike in the right pocket of her vest. At this point, he was a mouse. Myila wished she could hide as he could.

The night was moderately warm, but the mage felt cold. Her face was numb: she couldn't feel the low branches that hit her cheeks. He heart pounded in her throat, and she thought that maybe she would choke.

It didn't matter. She didn't matter.

Aycan sat in a clearing of the same forest, repeatedly jabbing a lethally sharp stick into the ground. Morialda watched the movement of the wood lazily, draped across her mage's shoulders. Aycan brought the stick down with much more force, puncturing the ground deeply. He twisted the wood back and forth in the ground, looking completely disinterested.

At the moment, he was wishing for someone to push around. However, he knew that nobody would be in these woods tonight. To go wandering around alone would be dangerous. It would be stupid.

Aycan abandoned the stick and rested his elbows on his knees, deciding that it was time to sulk moodily.

This went on for a few long moments before the silence was broken by the sound of something moving through the forest. Aycan's head snapped up, and he suddenly began to listen intently. Morialda also became more attentive, her forked tongue slipping out from her mouth to taste the air.

The sounds were getting louder. It was getting closer. Morialda slithered off of Aycan's shoulders and slid behind the closest tree. Aycan stood up, grinning and feeling glad to know that there were still some stupid people left for him to assault.

He was worried that he might've killed them all.

Myila entered a clearing and paused. She looked around for a moment, trying to decide which way to go. She really didn't have much of a destination. The only direction she could think of was "away". She finally decided to veer slightly to the right and then continue. She was just about to leave the clearing when a voice floated out of the shadows.

"Oh, you can't leave! You've only just arrived," the voice purred.

Myila knew who it was instantly. She only knew one person who constantly sulked around dark forests, waiting to ambush people – apparently for no reason. Despite Myila's distressed state of mind, she couldn't help but let one sarcastic thought float to the surface of her mind: "If attempting to take over the world is considered a career, perhaps these random ambushes are the Aycan equivalent of a coffee break?"

Aycan stepped out of the shadows, smiling in a way that was supposed to be friendly, but actually looked just plain evil.

"Let's face it, Aycan," Myila found herself thinking. "Geniality just isn't your strong point."

"You've stumbled into my temporary residence," Aycan continued, walking towards Myila. "It would be terribly rude if you left now." He stopped advancing only when he was two feet away from the girl.

Under normal circumstances, Myila probably would have responded with something along the lines of: "Temporary residence? Hmm, I love what you've done with the place. Very … outdoorsy."

However, these circumstances were far from normal, and Myila decided not to say anything.

Aycan's eyebrows rose at this reaction. "What? No snappy comment? No catty remarks?"

Myila sighed and ran a hand through her hair distractedly. "You know, I'm really not in the mood for this right now. How about I drop by later tomorrow and … we'll do lunch."

Aycan laughed softly, shaking his head. He loved running into this girl. So much bravado … What she lacked in fighting style and magical prowess she made up for with her sharp tongue and even sharper wit. The way she had a response for everything was actually quite charming.

So charming, in fact, it gave Aycan an intense desire to kill her. Violently.

"Darling," he began, placing his hands on her shoulders, "if you leave, you'll tell your friends about my living space, here. Then they'll all come to hunt me down, and then I'll have to move." He crossed his arms, glancing upward at the treetops before looking back down at Myila. "I'd really rather not do that. I happen to like it here."

Myila sighed and looked away. "I'm not going back to them. In fact, I'm going

away from them."

Aycan was intrigued by this response. "Oh? Well, that explains why you don't have your idiotic counterpart here with you."

Myila knew that the comment shouldn't have meant anything to her, but tears suddenly filled her eyes, and she quickly looked away. "Look," she began softly, looking at the ground by her left foot. "I don't care about you, your 'living space', or your evil plots. I'm not going to tell anyone where you are." She paused, tears threatening to fall down her cheeks. "I don't have anyone to tell." With that, she turned to go, but was stopped by Aycan as he grabbed her arm.

A wave irritation moved through Myila and she clenched her free hand into a fist.

Aycan saw the attack coming from a mile a way. It was a simple matter to catch the girl's other arm as it moved towards him.

He now held both her wrists tightly. Though the girl radiated a sense of defeat, Aycan decided not to take any chances, and willed thick roots to come out of the ground and bound Myila's legs.

"My dear," Aycan began softly as thin vines appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around the girl's wrists a few times before continuing up her arms. "I am lucky to get you by yourself. I'm not about to let you go."

"Do it." The command was sudden, firm, but soft.

Aycan was taken aback, and hesitated for a moment.

She looked up at him, her face determined. "If you're so hell-bent on killing me, then do it." Her eyes were over bright, but she continued to stare back at Aycan. "See if I care," she hissed.

The request was strange and unexpected, but Aycan was not about to refuse. He wordlessly reached for his long hunting knife. He had the blade fully drawn when the rustling of the underbrush caused Aycan to stop abruptly. He glanced in the direction of the noise for a second before turning back to Myila. He slowly retreated into the shadows, simultaneously willing the roots to grow more, encasing Myila even more.

Myila stood numbly as the roots moved slowly up her body. Finally, one of the vines that had bound her arms wrapped around her neck and tightened slightly as if to say, "Don't speak".

Myila had no intention to.

Xantos moved through the forest, feeling very worried. Myila had run off after Xantos had turned her down in favor of Aliasa. It was a difficult thing to do, and he had never intended to hurt Myila. He knew that she would not take it very well. Nevertheless, he was surprised by her reaction.

However, Xantos had left in search of Myila after being persuaded to do so by Aliasa.

"You did the best you could," Aliasa had said, "but Myila is still hurt. Find her. Talk to her."

Xantos set off, still feeling rather guilty. He hoped that Myila was okay. Wandering off alone was pretty dangerous. Quite frankly, it was stupid.

Zoni walked by his side, diligently searching in the form of a bloodhound. She stopped and whined softly, and Xantos looked ahead through the thinning trees into a clearing. It was dim, as the sun was nearly set, and all Xantos could see were shadows. After a pause, the mage and daemon continued forward and stepped into the clearing.

Xantos glanced towards the center of the clearing before starting towards it. He took no more than two steps when he tripped over a root and fell forward with a dull thud.

Zoni sighed, sitting down at the edge of the clearing, watching Xantos. "I'm sure that the image of this rescue party would bring hope to all those in need," Zoni commented dryly.

"You know what, Zoni?" Xantos began, pushing himself onto his hands and knees.

However, Zoni never got to find out what, as at that moment, Xantos sensed something above him. He dropped once again to the ground, and rolled over, just in time to avoid a long, thin blade.

Xantos was, needless to say, very confused. He could not see his attacker, and he had no time to look, as the blade came down at him again. He rolled over once again. He was about to jump up when he noticed something at the edge of the clearing.

It was a strange, lopsided figure. His eyes followed the roots from where they came out the ground to where they stopped.

His eyes widened, as he realized what it was. "Myila?" he whispered, more to himself than anything else.

She did not respond. She stood, wrapped in the roots and vines, her face turned away from him, her blonde, blue-streaked hair covering her face.

Xantos slowly got to his feet, still staring at Myila.

"Ah, Xantos. I should have known," an all-too-familiar voice began. "Who else would be stupid enough to attempt a one-man rescue attempt?"

Xantos turned to the speaker and replied, "Ah, Aycan. I should have known. Who else spends all of his time wandering around random forests ambushing people?"

"Actually," Aycan began, wiping some dirt off the tip of his hunting knife. "Miss Myila dropped in unexpectedly. You're the only one I ambushed."

"Hey! I'm special!" Xantos cried, grinning.

"You're also an idiot," Aycan answered flatly. Without waiting for a response, he began an attack, impatient to end this.

Xantos twisted out of the way and drew his own sword in time to block Aycan's next attack.

The two fought, though nothing seemed to come of it, as both men were evenly matched.

At one point, Aycan forced Xantos against a tree. "Don't you ever get sick of these swordfights?" Xantos asked, hooking a foot behind Aycan's lower leg, attempting to force his legs from under him.

Aycan sensed what Xantos was doing and leaped back, leaving Xantos free to move. "Yes," he replied, waiting for Xantos to make the next move.

Xantos attacked with a series of quick, blended strokes and slashes, all blocked by Aycan. Xantos backed off for a moment, and the two began circling each other around the clearing.

"That's why I was excited to see your friend here," Aycan continued, jerking his head towards Myila, keeping his eyes on Xantos. "She doesn't do the sword thing." He faked a move to the left, and went for Xantos's right. "Actually," he began, after the clash of their two swords, "she isn't doing much of anything at the moment."

Xantos didn't reply. He twisted to the left, and tried to attack Aycan's back. He blocked the attack before making his own, moving from above to cut towards Xantos's shoulder. "In fact, she asked me to kill her," Aycan said, smirking.

Xantos was shocked, and barely blocked Aycan's next attack. "What?"

"It's true," Aycan replied. "Something is really bothering her."

Xantos pulled away before attacking Aycan, this time putting a lot of force behind it.

Aycan was forced back a few steps. "I was really curious," he continued, all too aware of the tree behind him.

Xantos didn't reply. Instead, he pushed Aycan back another step.

"But, then I realized," Aycan's eyes glittered maliciously, "what it was."


"You must have done something really stupid this time, Xantos, to make her want to die."

With one final surge of force, aided by a sudden, strong anger, Xantos managed to push Aycan forcefully into the tree. "What do you know?" Xantos growled angrily. The air around them began to grow very cold, and frost started to form on the metal of their swords.

"Quite a bit," Aycan responded.

Aycan walked continued on through the forest, Morialda curled around his right arm. It hadn't been hard to escape the battle: Xantos had lost his focus. Morialda had asked why Aycan hadn't killed the two water mages.

Aycan smiled slightly. He could have, but he didn't.

He'd rather have Xantos work with the idea that he had driven someone to suicide.

Xantos didn't need to die yet. There would be plenty more opportunities for that later.

The last of the vines fell away and Xantos caught Myila, and they both sunk to their knees. Xantos smiled sadly as he looked down at Myila. She wouldn't look up at him.

"It's true," Myila suddenly forced out. "I asked him to kill me."

"Why?" Xantos asked gently.

"I'm already dead. It's only my body that keeps moving." Myila shook her head, still looking at the ground. Suddenly, the tears she'd been holding in all night broke free. Silently, they rolled down her cheeks and landed in the dirt. "I'm dead. I know I'm dead. But I can still feel pain. And … it hurts." She choked on a sob and her shoulders began to shake. "A life without you isn't life, Xantos. You were gone … And I knew I was dead."

Xantos paused for a moment before placing a hand under Myila's chin, lifting her face so he could look in her eyes. "Silly," he began softly, smiling. "I haven't left you. There's nobody else here in front of you, is there?"

Myila shook her head, tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"Myila, you mean so much to me," Xantos murmured. "Yes, I chose Aliasa, but not because I love her more. I love you just as much as I love her. You just need to understand that it's a different kind of love." Xantos paused to gently dry Myila's cheeks with his sleeves. "I want you to be with me just as much as you do."

Myila smiled, fighting back another wave of tears.

Xantos pulled her closer and embraced her. "Promise not to leave?" he whispered in her ear.

Myila smiled and whispered back:

"I promise."

Author's note: Yeah, kind of WAFFy ending. I hope it's not too terrible. It's 2:00 AM. Yeah, I'm thinking that it turned out a bit funnier than I intended, but that's okay. I'll probably end up revising this later when I'm not so tired. Let me know what you think!