Delta Gone

The bombs fell, interrupting the eerie silence intermittently. The gentle rocking of the ground as the distance mountains were engulfed by flame created a sort of equilibrium. The boy walked down the beaten path by the road, while cars passed by at blinding speeds. He kicked up the dust around him, and looked up. The skies were streaked with exhaust, coming closer and falling past the distance. The serenity of the scene was incomparable. Slowly turning to the right, the strange things fell behind the mountains. So, the mountains burst at the will of the heavens.

The fall was so sudden and sharp he did not notice the pain at first. His vision slowly returned from the blinding white and saw the mighty titans were no more. Everywhere around him the land was wrecked, people fleeing for their lives. He continued to walk, still stunned by the blaze. He finally stopped at the most peculiar sight. There, in front of him, lay the body of a soldier, broken by battle. The radio on his chest crackled to life, "Delta... Gone...!" As this was muttered, another shock wave threw the boy once again upon the floor. Looking straight up, the battle freighter Delta exploded. A spectacular shower of white and red splintered the giant vessel until it was no more. Debris showered the land with more unwelcome gifts from heaven.

"I... don't care for this world anymore..." the boy muttered to himself. Suddenly the world around him erupted in flames. The land shook with violent anger as it was reduced to ash and absolute annihilation. As the explosions came closer he closed his eyes. Another boy consumed by the desire of the world, he was no more.

The door creaked open. The bright sunlight blasted through the open door, illuminating the house. "How was the walk son?"

"It was... nice mom." said the boy in a monotone voice.