I'm sorry I did all this

I put you through all of this

Torture, this pain, this misery

You once said you loved me

I should have listened

But I was too caught up

Too drunk with love

And I should have known that


Would love me better than you

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I thought He loved me

I should have known I would be wrong

Because you always prove me wrong

You're always right

I was too much crazed over him

I didn't notice how everytime you came closer

I felt a sort of tumbling

Like I was falling... falling so far

Falling in love

Falling in love, not with him

But with you

I only noticed him

Noticed his suavity, his looks

And not his stupid lies

I can't believe I fell for it

There were so many signals

But I ignored them all, I was so blind

I pushed everyone away

I pushed you away

When you had all I would ever need

Please, please forgive me

I'm regret it all, I truly do

I was wrong, you were right

I'm sorry, I really am...

Is it too late?