Dust billowed off the ground at the boys' feet. One shouted to the other, "Dagon, kick it back!" Dagon gave it a swift kick, giving the book great lift falling open on the ground at the other boy's feet.

"Have it Mammon! Why the hell do I want that blasphemous book near me?" Dagon shouted back to Mammon. The faded pages of the book were ripped and torn from all of the abuse. "What're you waitin' for? Kick the damn book!" Dagon began to antagonize Mammon.

"Shut up you freaking twit! I hope this knocks you in the nuts!" Mammon kicked it with all his might. Doing summersault after summersault, it landed cover up just before Dagon's feet. The spine of the book read, barely legible The Bible.

"Ya miiisssssed!" Dagon hissed trying to add insult to injury. He turned around shaking his ass in Mammon's direction. Mammon ran at full speed at Dagon, but Dagon was too busy laughing to notice the assault.

"I won't miss now!" Mammon shouted, scaring Dagon. When Mammon's foot hit Dagon, he let out a horrid howl. It sent birds shrieking out of their nests and then the world fell silent.

"Why you little..." Dagon growled but was interrupted.

"What exactly were you two doing?" a tall stern man questioned the boys. Mammon looked up and smiled with great pride.

"We were kickin' 'round that Bible over there." He pointed to the tattered book lying on the ground a few feet away. Dagon continued to rub his ass from Mammon's kick.

"Yea, that's what we were doin'. Knockin' that piece-o'-shit Bible 'round like it were a cuddly kitty." Dagon sneered at the thought of beating the kitten. The man smiled. His smile was a cold and wicked grin.

"You boys are the best students I have ever taught." He chuckled softly. Dagon and Mammon both beamed with pride knowing they had their teacher was pleased with them. "Have you done anything else that we spoke of after class?" he looked at them curious as to their response. Dagon and Mammon looked at each other and grinned. Nodding their heads in unison they looked back at their teacher.

"Yes!" both squealed with excitement. Parading around two gigantic grins of triumph. Their eyes alit with joy and anticipation. Their teacher patted them on their shoulders and asked.

"So what did you do?" he smiled sadistically and laughed maliciously. Both boys smiled at his laugh in confidence, sensing comfort from it. Dagon spoke up first.

"We used that book you gave us. The one with all of theā€¦" he was cut off by Mammon.

"Yea! The spells, all those spells were just soooo cool! It was amazing! I wanted to try that one curse, which whenever the person touches something with their pointer finger it turns to maggots and worms! But ol' party-pooper Dagon wouldn't let me. Mean bastard." Mammon scowled at Dagon sticking his tongue out. "You're mean Dagon, take away all my fun!" he crossed his arms and turned his head away from Dagon.

"Will you shut up, you lil' brat? I'm trying to tell teach' something and you won't let me." He growled softly under his breath.

"Oh well ss-arrrrrry! I was excited and I wanted to tell teach' somethin' too!" Mammon whined.

"Boys, boys, settle down. Now what spell did you use?" he inquired curiously, hoping the bickering had ceased for the time being. Dagon again spoke.

"Ok, we used the spell that allows us to possess people."

"Oh really? That's a personal favorite of mine." The teacher chuckled. "I remember last year. I possessed this man and made him brutally beat and rape his 16-year-old daughter. The man was arrested two hours later when I was finished with her." He laughed louder. "The joyous memories I've had with that spell and even better, the things I've done without being caught." Both Mammon and Dagon looked at their teacher and then back at each other. Smiles of sadistic and mischievous nature swiftly stalked across their faces. Looking at them their teacher asked, "What are you two smiling about?" he now sounded concerned. Still grinning they spoke together.

"You'll have to wait and find out. We're going to have lots of fun. You should too, seeing how it is your favorite spell." They both laughed malignantly. Revenge boiled in their eyes. Dagon growled furiously. "That man you possessed was our father, and you murdered our sister. Now it's our turn to ruin your life, like you ruined ours."