A/N - This is just a story I found when I was just looking through my old spaces. And I remembered I wrote this the day that it had happened.

Her eyes shot open. She woke up to the sound of silence. One question anonymously swirled through her head,"why did I wake up?" She looked at the clock, it was only 3:55 in the morning.

She just laid in her bed, body facing the ceiling as she just stared up towards it. Then all of a sudden, she couldn't breath. It was as if she had just lost her breath. She inhaled and it burned. Exhaled, burned even more. Each breath she took and released burned more and more. But the thing that burned the most was her abdomen. It ached. It felt like scorching hot liquid was piercing right through her lungs and stomach. She felt like throwing up. She got up from her position and headed for the washroom. Lights turned on, door closed, locked. She sat in the middle of the floor. Arms wrapped around her legs. Rocking back and forth to ease the pain of the torturous burning. It didn't help. She tried her best to keep on breathing properly and forget about the burn that had woken her up in the first place. The pain had grown stronger as the seconds past. She had gotten out of the washroom and went back to her room. She laid herself back in the warmth of her bed.

Now it was 4:01. She curled her body up and covered herself with her blanket. Her head buried in her pillow. Trying to forget, forget, forget.. BLOODY MARY. As she tried to forget that name popped up into her head. She covers her head with her blanket. A picture then flashed into her mind. She closes her eyes. Thinks of something else that will stop her from thinking of the dreaded woman anymore. She rocks herself to sleep. Still with the burn in her stomach and lungs.

She woke up the next morning. The burn has simmered down. But a bit had not yet left her with peace. It had decided to stay and live for a few more hours. She moved her position on the bed. Her stomach twisted in a knot. She puts her head off the edge of the bed. Now her head faces the gound below her. That helped with her breathing. She stayed that way for a few minutes, got back to her original poistion; facing upward towards the ceiling. She closed her eyes and had fallen back to sleep.

Some time later she woke up once again. She laid herself onto her stomach. Bad idea. The pain still had not yet left. Her stomach was like a motel room for that hideous burn. And it paid its fees with pin pricks of burning stabs, stabbing her every second and not leaving her to peace..