Her breasts lay ether side of her body

Dipping in the to dirty water

Her knees high out the bath water the one part of her skin still white and not burnt from the heated water

The steam smelt of soap and another smell she could never got off her skin

But addiction does that

Her make up smudged

A scab lose on her lip moving under her teeth

Her swollen ankle resting between the stained tapes she moves her big toe over the condensation collecting on the tapes

Small tears of cool water runs down her foot at drip from her ankle

Her hair floating over her small chest in streams of black and pink

Her rings lining the sink black silver green

And her clothes over the toilet set

Her dirty underwear hanging over the rim of that dirt basket

She peals her back from the bath and pulls her body further down

Her chin under the water

She closes her eyes

She pushes her foot under the water and pushes full pressure on to it

Her mouth cracked back and her cries locked bouncing over the walls and returning to her

The scab slipped under her teeth as she sobbed her body shakes her breasts wet and moving under her curled body her head down and her mind grey and red

Don't let the bustards get you down