DISCLAMER: I thought this up, it is my own brainchild. I'm making no money off of this. Please don't sue me!

DEDICATION: I wrote this in Drivers Ed. This poem is dedicated to all of the people who have died because of a drunk driver.

AUTHORS NOTES: Every 23 minuets a person dies as the result of a drunk driving accident. 1 in every 3 people will be involved in a drunk driving accident sometime in their lives. Don't let yourself be one of the statistics, don't drink and drive. Or if you do, plan on a designated driver. If you do become intoxicated please let someone who hasn't been drinking drive or call someone for help.

I'll never…

By LadyCallie

I'll never see you smile.

I'll never see you cry.

I'll never hold your hand.

I'll never hear your voice.

I'll never dance with you.

I'll never kiss you hand.

I'll never sing our song with you.

I'll never rub your shoulders.

I'll never see that new yellow dress.

I'll never taste your sweet lips.

I'll never rap you in my arms.

I'll never hear your heartbeat.

I'll never do anything again.

All because someone chose to drink and drive.

The end.

Please take a second to think about all of those who have died. Let your actions not follow in their footsteps. Don't drink and drive.

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