This is going to be my best piece of writing yet. It will make your eyes water. Goosebumps rise. Mind soars into a state of pure oblivion and ecstasy. Writing that makes you want to scream with delight. Writing that makes you want to tell everyone, and yet hold it within for all eternity. A simple gift to yourself. This will be the poem that quickens your heartbeat and sends chills down your spine. The only poem to be internalize. Absorbed into your system. Something to become a part of you. I hope my voice rings clear in your ears as I read this. Clear and distinct I want you to remember this as mine. My thoughts. My life. My writing. My feelings lay before you on lined paper for the world to read. My life, open to your criticism, opinions, consideration. A mere glimpse of my everything. Here is the window. I hold nothing back. Now is your chance to read. Remember. Put words to the heartfelt messages you've been aching to say. Here is your chance to finally comprehend. Look with open eyes clear as the sky above you. Tell me everything you see. Good and mad. What I'm doing wrong. Help me through it all. Now is your choice. To read, understand, remember.