I run my hands across your cheeks

Where her lips have rested

She's been here

I hope to God she was worth it

Because I can't take this pain for just anyone

You tell me I'm yours

Everything you need

And yet I can't seem to find the antidote to your lust which fills my veins as a poison

Burning through my modesty

Making me want you that much more

I know you're hers

You say you're mine

I wish I could keep my hands off of you

Go away

Leave me here before I do something I regret

Please let me show you I love you better than she ever could

Be mine, forever and ever

Just as you should be

I look into your face painted with despair

Eyes wide in confusion

You say I'm a sweet girl

What the fuck does that mean?

Your slurred words mean so much

Run your hands down me

Cold from your emotions ever deep

Do yourself a favor

Leave her

She's not all that great to begin with

But at the same time, that's exactly what she'd say about me

Let me give you everything she cannot

Take what you please

I'm yours

I wanna kiss hard and hold you close against me

Your warm breath on my lips

You're so close

Just do it

Starry eyed kisses

Eyes hiding in guilt

Look at me

Let me draw you out of the prison called love she's trapped you in

Come on baby

You know you want to

This all seems so logical in my tainted mind

The words "I want you so bad" slip between your kiss

Hands down my back

Pulling me to your chest

I feel your heartbeat

You're just as nervous as I am

Legs tight around your hips

Hold me closer

Her voice rolls through my head like the metronome on the piano we used to waste time playing together

I know what you want me to do

Teasing you

Hands tight around your arms

Footsteps in the hall

Ever so quietly

We don't stop

I want this moment to last

Doorknob turns

Your face close to mine

Lips grazing my neck

Hands into my hair

My face burns in delight

Door opens

Swiftly turn away in shame

I look her straight in the eyes

Not letting go

I smile sarcastically

You're mine

You always were

And now she knows it