The cold concrete seemed to permeate a stale urine smell throughout the tiny damp cell. Except for a roach or a rat, the huddled mass in the corner was the only life to be found between the cramped prison walls. His hair long and white except for the dirt and grime it accumulated from the dirty floor. His body was long and slender but had muscular build too it. The huddled mass shifted his body to avoid an onslaught of roaches passing through his dark home. He was tightly shackled so he was forced to allow the vial insects to crawl all over him. He probably would have snatched one up for food, but the tight shackles at his wrists threatened to slice them open if he moved too much. The length of the chains was too short for his impressive height, so he spent much of his time curled up in an effort to alleviate the pressure of his restraints. He lifted his head up despite the great energy it took; he sniffed and looked toward the bars as if waiting for something.

" Drink this... Fucking animal." A guard in animal skins and armor grumbled in his direction. He slid a wooden bowl, full of a dark liquid towards the prisoner's corner with the handle of his sword. He smelt the guard enter with the sweet liquid before he even said a word. The bowl fluidly slid along the floor, splashing his nourishment on the floor. He stopped the bowl with his cupped hands, and slowly inhaled the delicious fragrance wafting up from the bowl. He felt the saliva accumulating in his mouth and he knew the time for savoring was over. He scooped up the bowl and greedily engulfed the contents of the bowl, even licking the sides making sure not to miss a drop. He couldn't help but smile as the liquid made it's way down his throat warming his entire body. He felt his strength and energy return to him. Still too weak to move around, but at least he felt alive now. He started to recollect bits and pieces of who he was. He knew he was in a prison, and that he was a prisoner, but why was a mystery. He still couldn't remember who he was. One thing knew for sure was that the life-giving liquid he just ingested would not be returning for some time. Must be the guards cruel torture, give him just enough to survive. His food seemed to bring back his memories, he could remember being put in here years ago, after a Great War that claimed many lives. Visions of battles flurried in his mind, pictures of people and animals with their necks torn open, heads chopped off, impaled, and others were set ablaze. As grotesque as the thoughts were he seemed to revel in the memories, as if it were something he was longing for. The memory of wielding a glimmering broadsword atop a magnificent black stallion, seemed to make his emotions swell inside him. He could feel anger, revenge, pride and hunger.

The lumbering guard made his usual round down the dark corridor to check on the solitary inmate at the very end. The torch he carried reflected of his mirrored breastplate and the stained saber at his side. He reached the end the corridor and looked in the cell expecting to see his prisoner huddled in the corner as usual. He thrust the torch between the bars and almost immediately dropped his only light source and took off full speed back down the corridor. He arrived at a large wooden door imbedded with metal bars for extra support, and a large silver cross affixed in the middle.
" In god's good graces, let me in." the frantic guarding screamed while pounding on the door with his sword. A short stocky man in full body armor opened the door, his cuirass was adorned with numerous crucifixes. The guard burst past the man and screamed for him to close and bolt the door.

"He's gone captain, his cell, and shackles...empty." The trembling guard managed to belt out.
"Impossible, he is much too weak to even overcome his chains, let alone escape his cell." The bewildered captain sputtered.
" I saw it with my own eyes. His cell was empty except for his shackles and a couple of bowls." The guard now trembling on the floor.
" Wait, today a feeding day was it not?"
" Yes captain one bowl."
"From whom did you get it?"
"Just some sick gypsy up one the first floor."

A stiff backhand from the captains armored hand was the guard's answer. The hit split the guard's lip into a bloody canyon. His dark ruby colored blood poured from his wound and poured down his chin.

"Now captain, that's no way to treat one of your men." A tall slender man replied for the mistreated guard. He appeared from the shadowy corner of the room and seemed to glide over to the two men, his former imprisoners. His full height was much over six feet, and towered over the two cowering men before him. " You see my dear gentlemen, that blood that you so graciously treated me to, was that of one of my children. It revitalized me with memories of my glorious past, it gave me the strength to escape your petty attempts at bondage. Who would think you would have one of my gypsies in this prison'. With speed impossible to humans, he upon the trembling guard, his massive height shadowing him in complete darkness. His pale and inhumanly long finger reached out and wiped the blood from his lip and tasted it. It was sweetened with fear and dread, the best he has had in years. He looked down to stare into the fear stricken eyes of the man, and mouthed a few indistinguishable words. The captain looked on in horror as his solider lunged at him sword in hand. The guard struck at his captain's face and chest. The captain completely overwhelmed and thrown to the ground, where the guard violently ripped the breastplate from his chest. The captain was pulled from the ground and offered to the pale man who watched it all with an evil smile on his face.
"You are unworthy to be one of my offspring. You had me feed blood that was dirty and diseased, and even ground in cloves of garlic as an insult. You will be my food, nothing more." His long pale arm grabbed the captain by the neck and lifted until they were eye to eye. He examined the fear running through his victim's eyes. He lifted the captain's neck with his thumb and delved his elongated fangs into the jugular of the retched soul before him. He tore away his throat and spit it on his floor, and drank heavily of his blood. He drank until the body was nothing more than a withered, desiccated shell of a human. He pulled away and through the carcass against a nearby wall. "Worse less wretch." He turned his attention back to the guard whom stood in admiration of the man in front of him, whose hair darkened, his skin brightened and his muscles grew as the captain's blood flowed through his undead body.
"You have Romanian blood in you, the same as the blood you had feed me earlier. You are quite worthy of my gift, my blood, my life." He beckoned the guard forward, and feed on his blood. Just as he was on the brink of death he pulled away and made a small incision on his wrist and pushed the man's mouth to the open cut. He watched as he turned from mortal human, to immortal warrior.
"We shall begin a new empire starting here. You are the first of my new children, and that is a great privilege. Yes, the age of DRACULA shall start anew."