Please don't

Don't tell me that you love me,

Don't try and hold me close,

Don't tell me im your one and only,

Don't give me that red rose.

Don't try and make me feel for you,

The way you want me to,

Im only young and seventeen,

And im not in love with you.

Don't try and shelter me from life,

Don't try and be protective,

Don't take me away from all my friends,

Don't say that we're 'connected'.

Don't kiss me like you mean it,

Then whisper in my ear,

Sweet nothings and romantic thoughts,

Because its 'what I want to hear'.

Don't make me feel as bad as this,

Don't mess round with my head,

Don't see things that I dont feel,

Don't say my heart is dead.

I have never loved you,

Ive never pretended that I do,

But now you say I led you on,

You say that I was cruel.

Im sorry if you feel that way,

Im sorry thatI lied,

I thought I felt some strange sweet thing,

But then it went and died.

You must know that I'm only young,

I dont know how to feel,

So when a cute boy comes along,

I think the love is real.

But nowI know thatI was blind,

I felt what was not there,

Im sorry that I could not see,

Please know I truly care.

Im sorry for my own confusion,

Im sorry for the mess,

Im sorry I did not understand,

The true meaning of that kiss.