I'm older now,

I understand my life,

Can protect myself,

I carry a knife.

My sister has left me,

Was killed by a car,

Mum tried to move away,

She didn't get far.

The stress overtook her,

The strain was too great,

Her heart, it just gave out,

She was buried last May.

I'm left all alone

In that tiny old flat

The mould grows all over,

With damp under the mats.

I got in with the bad crowd,

Drawn under their spell

And now I cant leave them

I'm trapped in this hell.

My family's all gone now

My 'gang' so don't care

All I have is this one knife.

Use it, do I dare?

To put that blade,

Up to my wrist

And cut my skin

Then turn and twist,

'Til my arms red

And the lights gone away.

Not now I cant do it,

Maybe someday.