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Chapter 3- Pain

Spencer's gaze drifted off to a house in the distance. There was a colourful light revolving in the window upstairs and his attention was grabbed by it. He laughed to himself at his own wandering mind but his laughter halted as he heard a terrible screeching of brakes. Looking towards the roundabout he saw a small red car come tearing towards them, the driver obviously out of control as the car twisted and turned erratically.

Time stood still as he turned to Kyle, shouting and screamingat him to move out of the way, the car was headed straight for him. Spencer flattened himself against the wall as the car narrowly missed hitting him as it tore past. Kyle looked up from his crouched position on the ground and his eyes widened in terror before the car hit him head on and he was gone from Spencer's view, replaced by crumpled metal. Spencer screamed Kyle's name in horror as he watched a crimsontrail of blood snake out from under the car. Suddenly it was very hard to breathe.

Madison had broken down and cried as both Spencer and Ashley tried to comfort her. It was all so unbelievable but Madison could picture the accident with terrible stark clarity. She could see the terror on her brother's face as the car came towards him, she heard Spencer's cry and she could taste the scent of blood. That had been four hours ago. Since then, Kyle had had an emergency operation to try and repair the damage to his skull and the rest of his battered body. As Madison sat numbly by her brother's bedside in the intensive care unit her mind ran through a list of his injuries; a detailed log of the pain he had suffered. Three broken ribs, punctured lung and internal bleeding. Broken wrist and two fractured fingers, all on his right hand. Fractured skull and the possibility of brain damage. It was amazing that he had survived all this and the surgery. Madison was told, by Kyle's well meaning and gentle doctor to prepare herself for the possibility he may never wake up. The thought was banished from her head and she refused to even consider the idea that Kyle, the brother she secretly loved with all her heart, could be gone forever. 'If you wake up Kyle, I promise to tell you I love you.' she whispered, with the childish conviction that promises solved everything. 'Please.'