This poem started off with the idea of insomnia and then turned into..well..this...Not quite sure how but enjoy it!

Eternal Insomnia

It was dark when I awoke,

And the night was still around,

I sat and listened to the dark,

But could not hear a single sound.

I tried so hard to hear a voice,

One that would call to me,

Instead all I heard was emptiness,

And the silent wind through trees.

The sun had not yet risen,

Or the birds begun to sing,

So I lay back down and closed my eyes,

Trying not to think of anything.

Sleep evaded me that night,

And so my thoughts ran wild,

Betrayal and love and fantasy,

All in my brain were filed.

The cold slowly crept into my bed,

I huddled in the warm,

And waited till the others woke,

I waited there for dawn.

Dawn did not come as I sat up,

I waited there forever,

I couldnt understand the reason why,

You may think I'm not that clever.

It was only as the dreams came back,

And sleep finally took hold,

That I realised I was no more,

I never would grow old.

My time had passed whilst I was young,

My friends I left behind,

But still I dream in eternal sleep,

And pray I'll see them sometime.