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Chapter One

Murder is not as hard as it seems.

The second time is definitely the worst I'd say, because after the first you're still in that suspended state of shock and denial; some kind of redemption is still possible. But the second time... as you see the life switch literally just flick off, right in front of you... you certainly know what you're doing the second time...

I splashed cold water on my face and let the water run off my skin. I studied my reflection carefully in the mirror, like I do everytime. I like to see how much I've changed after each assignment. I'm superstitious enough to say I believe in Karma- if you do bad things to others bad things happen to you. Thirteen assasinations under my name and I haven't been reprimanded. Karma definitely has something in store for me later.

"I might be a ruthless assassin," I thought to myself as I scrubbed my already clean hands, "but at least I'm still beautiful."

"Rosie? Are you still in here?" Michelle Anders said.

"Well obviously," Rosie Artemis said irritatedly.

"We're going to be late for class, maybe you should hurry a bit?"

"Hand me a paper towel." Rosie said. She knew she was being short with Chelle, but they were only really friends out of social neccessity. Popular pretty people naturally have to bond together. There was Rosie with her bedhead mass of black brown hair to her dark foreign looking eyes and her constant judicial expression and Chelle the petite blonde with malicious green eyes. It was inevitable that they'd be friends.

Chelle passed Rosie the paper towel and watched her dab her face dry.

"You look tired," Chelle commented.

"Late night, last night," Rosie said offhandedly.

"Oh, what did you get up to?"

"Nothing interesting," Rosie shrugged, throwing the paper towel in the bin, "just the usual."

They left the bathroom and Rosie walked into someone. It was a girl named Roxanne Winters, who was drinking from the water fountain. Roxanne was an outcast, she wasn't just any goth, she was a loner. She purposefully chose to disassociate herself from everyone.

"Oh you dirty skank," Chelle said, "can you watch where you're going? There are people walking here- normal goodlooking people. You're such a freak, oh my God, I'm going to have to have a shower for even speaking to you."

Roxanne stood up and wiped the water off her mouth, "always so original with the cusses, right? I know taking showers is a bit of a stretch for, so I'm glad I can be of assistance."

"Go slit your wrists or overdose or something. Go in a corner and die or just look in the mirror, that'll do the job. I don't care, anything to get rid of you," Chelle spat while storming off. Rosie walked after her. She didn't spare a look for Roxanne, they knew where they stood with eachother.

"Argh, I hate that girl! Who like, gave her the right to breathe?" Chelle complained.

"I don't know, her lungs?"

"Oh, so funny. Why don't you ever back me up? Roxanne is like the scum of the school. It's practically our duty to get rid of her."

"You know what, she doesn't interest me. She's just an anybody," Rosie shrugged as they turned down the corridor.

"Great. We're late," Chelle pointed out.

"You could've gone without me," Rosie pointed out.

"Thats gratitude. Anyway are you coming to Hannah's party tomorrow?" Chelle asked, "you know you have to make an appearance, or she'll completely think it's personal."

Rosie thought about it. The Institute always recommended that AA's (Assigned Assassins) keep themselves to themselves for a few days after a job, but Rosie was Grade 1, she could handle it. And she was sixteen. Once in a while she actually needed to be around people she wasn't trying to kill, escape from or be lectured on why she was half an hour late home yesterday.

"Hello? I'm kind of talking to you here, wanna answer some time today?" Chelle complained.

"Fine. I'll come," Rosie said pushing open the door to their Science class, where their teacher Mr Wright, was standing at the board with his back towards them.

"Late! Artemis and Anders, wait after class," he shouted without turning around.

"Freak." Chelle said in audible whisper. "So are you coming out tonight?"

"I might be busy," Rosie said.

"When will you know you're not?"

"As soon as you tell me what the plans are," Rosie answered.


"Still busy."

"Just come already, you haven't been out in ages."

Gosh. Dead people don't just grow on trees, Rosie thought. Someone has to put them there.

"I'm coming to that stupid thing tomorrow."

"But tonight will be- oooh, new meat," Chelle broke off and her green eyes widened. Rosie followed her gaze to see a good looking dark haired boy walking in chaperoned by the Head. He scanned the room quickly with his eyes, bored. Rosie was not imagining things when his eyes lingered on her for a split second longer.

Chelle gripped her, "Oh my, did you just see that? He totally looked at me!"

"Okay students, this is Nate Stone, he's new here, so make nice and be friendly okay?" Said the Head in a tired voice. He patted Nate on the back and left the room.

"Alright Nate, there's an empty seat just there, borrow someones textbook and just follow where you can for now, I'll sort you out at the end of the class," Mr Wright said.

Nate sat down quietly in the empty seat, which was in front of Rosie and Chelle. Chelle bit her lip excitedly.

"Give him a break," Rosie muttered putting her head down on the table. Chelle used her pencil to poke Nate. "Let this one get a chance to breathe a couple times before you demolish him."

Nate turned around with raised eyebrows.

"Do you want me?" Chelle asked.

"What did you say?" Nate asked.

"Do you want me? To give you my textbook?" Chelle said with a smile. "Why? What were you thinking?"

Rosie rolled her eyes, and propped her head on her hand, "It's a chat up line," she said to Nate, who looked bewildered. "You're supposed to comeback with something lewd or suggestive. Don't be shy about it, she's easy."

Although Chelle punched Rosie in the arm she didn't actually defend herself. It was the truth after all.

"Whoa. You girls work quick huh?" Nate scratched his head and smiled. Rosie noticed that he was avoiding eye contact with her, "So what are your names?"

"Their names are Rosie Artemis and Michelle Anders, now if you don't mind, can I teach my lesson?" Mr Wright interrupted.

When the bell rang fourty-five minutes later, the class filed out instantaneously to leave. Rosie, Shell and Nate were left behind.

"Two seconds Nate, let me just deal with the girls," Mr Wright said as Rosie and Chelle sat atop their desks.

"You two have been late to all my lessons this week," Mr Wright said.

"I actually tried to be early today," Chelle said, " but we kind of got caught up."

"Doing what? Brushing your hair?" Mr Wright said increduously, "okay. I'm letting you off with a warning Artemis, but it's a detention for you Anders. Don't think I never heard your little insult earlier."

Rosie laughed outloud as Chelle complained in the unjustness of it all, she was still swearing at Mr Wright as went into the side room to get books for Nate. Chelle stormed out of the room but Nate caught Rosie by the arm.

"Artemis?" He asked curiously. "Is that really your last name?"

"Yes. There aren't many others," Rosie said looking at him evenly.

"It's interesting."

"It's from Greek Mythology. She represents chastity."

"Interesting," Nate said again. Rosie stood there for a few moments.

"You can let go of my arm now," she said. Nate dropped her arm and she walked off.

Rosie was good at her job. She had been trained in Espionage since she was eight. She had been an assassin since she was twelve. She knew when she was being spied on. Throwing a brief look over her shoulder at Nate, who was standing there, leaning on the doorpost and smiling slightly at her, Rosie could almost definitely say she was being spied on.

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